21st Century Relationships: Is This Something We Ever Imagined?

7shares7000Traditional dating is almost extinct. In 2019, what does this word even mean? Relationships used to exist for one

Traditional dating is almost extinct. In 2019, what does this word even mean?

Relationships used to exist for one thing – marriage. These days, that may be the last thing that comes out of dating. Usually, relationships are laid back, have no title, have no rules, and can sometimes just be a free-for-all.

Let’s understand that this is not something that is looked at negatively. The culture and times have just completely shifted to a new way. People do not want to be tied down anymore. Now, this statement does not speak for everyone, as there are scenarios where people DO want a committed relationship.

The word commitment is honestly scary to millennials. Commitment means there is no freedom to do what you want. When college and classes and responsibilities and life gets hectic, having freedom is what people want.

It’s a lot less stressful to only worry about yourself when deadlines are approaching and responsibilities need to be met.

It seems very reasonable that people have shifted the tone of dating today. Traditional dating does not allow the freedom that millennials are seeking.


A lot of this shift has happened because of social media.

Mediated platforms have allowed for this shift. With apps like Tinder and Bumble that are meant to find non-traditional relationships, it’s now become a very common thing to have one of these casual relationships.

In addition to informal relationships becoming popular, mediated platforms have allowed for family and friends to stay close, and for businesses to function in ways we never thought possible.

Mediated platforms allow us to connect in ways that feel pretty real. In 2019, we have the ability to call, text, and video chat within seconds, anywhere in the world. If this is where we are in 2019, is teleporting really that far from reality?

People never imagined the depths that technology would take us, and it is only just the beginning.

New inventions are being thought of hourly, and because of how we are all connected already, the pace is even faster.

No one can determine how far technology can advance, but by the looks of it, there is not stopping the innovation.

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