6 Quick Ways to Make Money in Your Neighborhood without Learning New Skills

15shares15000Whether you are a student struggling to save that extra buck after paying the education fee or you

Whether you are a student struggling to save that extra buck after paying the education fee or you are a single mom doing your best to keep up with the bills, you must have considered expanding your skill set to make that extra buck. Now, what if we told you that you don’t need to add any other skill to your repertoire?

If you thought the store half a mile from your house is your only option to earn money, we have a surprise for you. Actually, we have quite a few. In this article, we tell you about some simple yet effective ways of making money in your neighborhood without spending hours learning extra skills.

Six Quick Ways to Make Money in the Neighborhood

Let’s jump the chase and show you quick ways to make money in the neighborhood.

1. Babysitting


Tried. And. Tested. You do not need a certification from space research organizations to become a babysitter. You only need the trust of your neighbors. If your neighbors trust you enough to let you handle their kids, you are in for some money making.

Furthermore, spending time with a baby teaches you loads of patience. Not many of us understand how great this phase of our lives help us later in higher education and even when we have jobs.

2. Ridesharing


No. Your car does not just eat money. It also gives back. That is if you know how.

If you are an Onata Neighborhood Service Provider, you can make the most of the space in your car. People around you can find you on their maps. And they can request you to drop them off at a nearby place.

All you need to make sure of is that you are headed in the same direction before you pick someone up. Plus, you only pick people up when you turn your availability is set as “on” – meaning you are ready to share your ride with neighbors.

3. Emergency Help


When you get a chance to help someone in an emergency, just go for it. Do not care about what you get in return.

You can promise to help people in need by becoming an Onata Neighborhood Service Provider. It is up to you to choose whether or not you want to be paid for it. What’s important here is to rush to the help of someone that is in genuine need of help.

Onata gives you the opportunity to give back to the community – starting with your own neighborhood.

4. Cooking Meals


If you have a great hand with ingredients, you’re of immense value to your neighborhood. Cooking a meal for your neighbors is:

  1. immensely satisfying, and
  2. financially rewarding

Again, it is totally up to you if you want to charge your neighbors for cooking. But if you are really professional in your services, we say go out there and make that extra buck.

Cooking good food is a real talent that totally deserves remuneration. With Onata, you can find people around your neighborhood that are fans of your style of cooking.

5. Assisting Kids with Homework


Good with math, chemistry or drawing?

You can help students in the community solve homework in these subjects and earn money for it. Homework helpers are always in demand in any neighborhood with students.

Even if you have not provided professional homework help services in the past, we encourage you can do it now. How? With Onata Neighborhood Services!

Sign up for Onata Neighborhood Services today and download the app. We will give you a buzz as soon as one of your neighbors ask for help.

6. Walking Pets


If you enjoy the company of pets, you will love your new job.

Walking pets is not just a job you do to earn money – it is time you spend in noble company. Pets mean nothing but love to the world around them. Make them happy and they will shower joy in your general direction.

Whether or not you do it for money, you will enjoy this gig. Plus, you will also do a huge favor for your neighbors when they are not around their pets.

What is Onata Neighborhood Services?

Onata Neighborhood Services is a unique Onata offering aimed at building connected neighborhoods where community members help one another for price or pride. It all started when Onata’s co-founder, Jyoti Vazirani came up with the idea of creating connected neighborhoods out of her personal struggle in life. Check out her full story here.

With Onata Neighborhood Services, the same people can become Service Providers and Service Seekers with the respective seeker and provider apps of Onata. To become an Onata Service Provider, all you need to do is register, breeze through the approval process and you are all set to provide services in your neighborhood.