7+ Things To Take Home From Your First Summer Job/Internship

3shares3000Summer jobs or internships are a hit all around the world. Students apply for their dream jobs and

Summer jobs or internships are a hit all around the world. Students apply for their dream jobs and get their first scoop of corporate work right here. While traditionally internships used to be reserved spots for juniors and seniors at college, almost everyone including college freshmen, sophomores, and school seniors now vie for the coveted positions.

At this time of the year, most summer interns are in their last week of internship. If you are also living the last leg of your summer job, this article will tell you about seven things that you can take from your internship through the rest of your life.

1. The First Few Weeks Are Always Important

This goes for an internship, a full-time job, or a new club you’re joining. The first two weeks are absolutely vital to establishing yourself as a person with a strong work ethic. Even before you attempt to do so, it is important to understand what kind of work ethic and personality you want to build. The best way to do this is to keep it as real and close to your original personality as possible.

To be regarded positively by coworkers and people around you, work hard, channel your energy well, use your common sense and arrive at occasions after a good night’s sleep. If you are a PlayStation addict, hold it off on important occasions. If you make a solid first impression in the first seven or fifteen days of joining something new, your boss/leader will be more than willing to overlook unintentional errors.

2. Never Say No to Work

It’s no secret that interns do not get the most interesting projects to work on. Employers often reserve these jobs for the summer interns because regular employees either do not have the time or are not really interested. These jobs are often monotonous and take more time to complete. But in the first few days and weeks of your career, you must not judge the nature of work given to you.

In fact, it’s rather safe to choose such projects to work on even after the internship is over. If you complete it will, you will instantly become a star. If you face challenges, your boss will understand that it was a difficult project and you made a strong start.

3. The Habit of Arriving on Time

By the first week of the internship, most interns come to know how much punctuality is valued at work. Sooner than later, you find out that it’s the same way everywhere else. Always store some extra time for traffic and arrive early rather than late.

When you arrive on time, your peers, TAs, and even future managers find you more responsible and show more trust. Carry this habit through the rest of your college so it is easier for you to keep doing it when you get a full-time job.

At times, you will arrive at the occasion later than usual. Instead of filling in with some lame excuse, show genuine regret and apologize to your boss.

4. It’s Okay to Ask for More Work

In an out of the internship, there will be days when you just have no work with your name written on it. It could be a simple miss on the manager’s part or they have not assigned you any work on purpose. Or, they’re just considerate enough to let you float after four and a half days of draining work. Whichever you believe might the case be, asking for more work is always the smartest thing you can do.

Keep asking for more work even if your manager feels slightly nagged. Of course, if you do not already have enough work to do. The message here is simple: waste no time to show them that you mean business and are not there to bide time.

5. Do Not Complain about Everything Around

Apart from some really cool companies, not many organizations reserve the best spots in the office for their interns. It’s understandable if something is unhygienic or unhealthy but it doesn’t make any sense to complain about the ‘aesthetic appeal’ of the place around you on the second day of work.

In case something is actually detrimental to your health, put a kindly-worded email to your boss. Do not go complaining about it to the rest of the interns. Even with the email that you write, choose your words carefully so as not to come off as whiney.

It is particularly important to carry this understanding after the internship. After the college, most situations in life will start unfavorably until the time you manage to make them favorable.

6. Smile and Greet Everyone

If you didn’t get it right during this internship, never get it wrong again. There’s a great chance you will not get to work with everyone in an organization. It’s an internship after all. But that does not mean you cannot speak to everyone. Make it your goal to generate at least one meaningful conversation with everyone in the office during your internship period.

Having lunch with everyone else at a common place is absolutely vital to achieving this goal. You may feel intimidated at the start with all the senior employees around. Even they might feel a tad itchy at the start because they cannot have the ‘regular conversations’ with you around. But all that will be put behind what everyone will remember you for is your willingness to open up to the people around you – or to ‘network’ if you will.

7. Always Have a Notepad Handy

This one is a must for all workplaces – during your internship and after. Heed to whatever your boss says. More importantly, make a note of it. So whenever the boss summons you, arrive with a notepad. If you don’t, you will definitely miss out some part of the instruction and ask them to repeat it to you later. It’s even worse form to take notes on your cellphone – that nearly amounts to texting.

A handy notepad also gives you the scope to ask additional questions to your boss. You can then note down all the references, examples, deadlines, and other important project instructions on the notepad. The more questions you ask here, the lesser the chances that you will make an error. It’s okay if you have more questions or need help even after all the notetaking. Get to your office along with your notepad.

8. Bonus Tip: Make Suggestions

It’s perfectly all right if you just want to do your thing at the internship and be gone for the summer. But if you really mean to make an impression that lasts a while, keep making a personal note of just about everything in the office that you feel needs improvement. Offer the full list to your boss at the end of the internship. You can repeat the same at subsequent jobs too.

Remember two things though. Firstly, do not make this into a complain list of the things you couldn’t complain about. Then, do not simply recount the problems. Have a solution (or a few) for every problem.

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