A Perfect College Mindset: Young, Wild and Free

7shares7000College is the time to live effortlessly and adventure. Whether it’s studying abroad or just for vacation, every

College is the time to live effortlessly and adventure. Whether it’s studying abroad or just for vacation, every culture will touch you differently.

Having first-hand experience in foreign lands helps make us well-rounded individuals, and allows for us to understand different cultures. These experiences are something that can be carried over into your everyday life.

Worldly experience will also benefit you for careers. For example, a student travels to Italy, works with a translator, and gets an article published. Not only did you gain all this experience, you had an article published. In terms of employment, this will really boost your chances.

There are very inexpensive ways to travel as well, and they’re very friendly to university students. One of the most recommended ways to travel Europe is to lodge in a hostel. Hostels across Europe range from about $20-$45 a night.

In addition, transportation inside Europe is also very affordable. Unlike a flight from the United States to anywhere in Europe which is easily $400 each way, this is not the case traveling between European countries. For example, a flight from Milan to Paris starts at $23. That’s cheaper than a round trip train ticket from anywhere in Central or South Jersey to New York City.

With flights so cheap, it’s really great to get there and maximize your time and travel as much as possible. Embrace all the opportunities that these places have to offer you.

These reasonable prices make it very affordable to see the world. In addition to inexpensive travel, there are easy ways to make some extra money. Especially if you’re trying to travel Europe in hostels.

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