All That’s Fall: Tie Loose Strings and Move Your Room

6shares6000Fall is officially the best time to reconsider your hair, makeup and everything else that’s important in life.

Fall is officially the best time to reconsider your hair, makeup and everything else that’s important in life. Including rooms. Let’s face(palm) it: most of us have messy rooms. Because life. Messy rooms are perfect settings for messy people, messy sleepovers, messy wardrobes and other non-designated random mess in life. In this article, we will help you sort that out and add a few bonus fall makeover tips while we are at it.

1. Rethink your room’s décor


The décor of your room or living space can reflect your mood or the current season. You can always think about new ways to reimagine the décor. If you have a considerably large living space, you can replace old decoration pieces or add new ones depending on how much space you can spare.

There’s still room for decoration if your space is limited and all you essentially have are a wall, a bed and a study table. You can redo the cushions, the wall art and the table artifacts to change the way your room looks. You may even reset the color of the walls to something that’s neutral and cooler.

2. Alter makeup and accessories



The best thing about switching seasons is that you get a chance to switch your wardrobes, too. Nothing does more good to your fall personality than a faux fur beanie paired with a chunky sweater. For the best vibes, pair a turtleneck with an off-maroon or a lesser orange shade.

Fashion trends suggest most ladies will be pumped about glossy lipsticks. So get some all-gloss shades from your favorite brand. Or mix it up with some occasional softer shades to bring in the odd contrast. Either way, choose something that keeps you adequately hydrated on those chilly fall days.

The important part about looking cool in the fall is to look natural. Do not push too hard to do what others are doing around you. People will like you as long as you are comfortable in your own skin.

3. Plan a weekend trip


Fall might not rank as high as summer in travel pleasantries. But there’s enough rough in life to warrant a weekend trip at least once a month. Plus, there are those phases in life when nothing seems to be working out. A buzzy trip releases a healthy energy spurt that just might help straighten out everything else in life.

When on a trip, make sure you pack light and do not forget to carry a portable charger. No good smartphone comes with those chunky batteries anymore.

4. Move to a chic new place


If you are really convinced that the décor change thing won’t work for you, change the place. Get yourself some moving help and find a new place (or new people) that deserves you. If that seems too big a draw, sublet your present accommodation move in with a friend for a few days.

You can easily get help moving around campus or sublet your existing accommodation to someone using the Onata app.

5. Try out an earning opportunity


A lot of people around you can make use of your skills and you could make use of the money. Don’t know how that works out? Try out the Onata Providers app and find a handy list of services that people around you are seeking right now.

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