Behind the Screens: The Way Social Media Connects Us All

2shares2000Your best friend is probably waiting for you, and all you need to do is press the follow

Your best friend is probably waiting for you, and all you need to do is press the follow button.

Have you ever come across someone on social media that reminds you so much of yourself? Well, it’s pretty common actually, and it’s likely you were meant to be friends.

Online friendships are becoming just a common as online dating. Not everyone is a social butterfly, and not everyone can go out of their comfort zone to mingle with people they don’t know. Social media has been a huge benefit for introverts.

Often times, it’s easier to spark a conversation behind a screen, it relieves some of the potential awkward tension of face-to-face communication. After a behind the screen connection, the in-person one will feel so much easier.

But why even take the risk? Well, don’t ignore the endless possibilities. Ignore the potential judgment, you’d be truly surprised how many friendships start online.


Online friendships serve as way more than anxiety relief, but a universal connection. The barrier between states, countries, and continents has been eliminated.

Video calling has made it so much easier for these connections to happen. Rather than paper mail, your physical face is there, also furthering connections.

Back in 2015, over 50% of friendships started online, and today, those numbers are skyrocketing.

Another angle of comparison, in addition to online dating, is gaming. For years, people have relied heavily on video game friendships. Before social media friendships, this was the ‘big thing’, and it was frowned upon.

As online friendships, have increased, and the apprehensions that others have when thinking about it has shifted from video games.

Nowadays, videogame friendships are no longer a taboo thing, but rather, online friendships.

It’s really easy to hide behind a computer screen, and pretend to be someone else, but with Onata, that is NOT the case.


Our incredible providers are all real, and verified, leaving no room for mishaps.

Onata is also a great way to start these connections, there are so many potential friendships waiting to happen, and the mediated platform is not really needed. . .

The universe of services has its benefits. Each service has a talented individual that’s ready to work.

Imagine, you requested a photography service. You see that your provider look so similar to you, and it’s the same exact thing as your typical social media platform. The opportunity of friendship is right in front of you, all because you needed a photography service!

Step out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to be you. Be the real you behind the screen, it will really benefit you and your life. There are endless possibilities of where it can lead you!

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