Benefits of Hiring a Snow Removal Service

Benefits of Hiring a Snow Removal Service

0shares0000With December, January, and February under your belt, the harsh winter of New Jersey hasn’t gotten the best

With December, January, and February under your belt, the harsh winter of New Jersey hasn’t gotten the best of you yet. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t mornings when you just wanted that extra half an hour of sleep you could have gotten if you didn’t have to shovel the driveway and sidewalks. Sure, it’s a good workout for those able to perform the task, it definitely gets your heart racing and builds strength in your arms. But it’s tiring! And sleep! That’s where the find services app from Onata comes into play. We want you to bask in the happiness of being able to sleep a little bit more in the morning, we want you to be able to easily leave for work without a care in the world.

How Can Onata Help?

Our find services app connects you to people who want to help and have the equipment necessary to get the job done right. This is especially important for folks who have a harder time shoveling or who have larger driveways that need a snow plow, instead of shovels. When you connect with the Onata app, you can search through our services, including snow removal, to help your snowy mornings go much smoother. If you’re thinking to yourself that you’ve put up with shoveling snow for this long, why start using a snow removal service now? Well, we thought that you might think that. So here is a list that we made of the benefits of snow removal.

Avoid Injuries

There is nothing worse that setting out to complete a task that you are already not looking forward to and getting hurt in the process. If you have ever struggled with back or shoulder pain, shoveling the snow is a task that brings a sense of dread. And for those getting on in age, shoveling snow can potentially be very dangerous. Don’t hurt your back, shoulders, or hips when you can enlist the help of a snow removal service you found on Onata.

No Morning Stress

Mornings are hectic enough without having to get bundled up and sweaty before you’ve even had your morning coffee. We want you to take your time in the morning, sip at your coffee while you read the paper, take a long, hot shower, and spend that extra 10 minutes deciding what to wear – all while a professional team is shoveling or snow blowing your driveway and sidewalks. Start your day off right with a clear path to the road.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Speaking of clear paths to the road, isn’t it nice when you can just drive away? Whether you’re going to the gym, the library, work, or the grocery store, take the path of least resistance when you can! And when you finally find you way home, let the driveway welcome you home and it’s smooth sailing into your garage.

Curb Appeal

Everyone has passed the one house where the owner lets their yard get out of control. The weeds are as tall as your knees, the bushes haven’t been trimmed in years, and sunflowers are taking over. A beautiful winter curb appeal is one where you can see the sidewalk that leads the eye to the front door. You can’t get a beautiful curb appeal when there’s muddy footsteps in the snow.

Avoid Fines

And what happens when you just decide you don’t want to shovel the sidewalk? Many towns fine homeowners who haven’t cleared the snow away from the sidewalk. For some, this rule is hard to understand, it’s your home, right? You can decide whether or not to shovel the sidewalk, right? Sorry, no. The town is looking for a path that is accessible for people walking.

Get it Done Quickly

Onata knows that you have better things to do! And depending on the size of your driveway and sidewalks, shoveling the snow can take a good chunk of time without the right equipment. Even the fasted shovelers can’t get the job done as quickly as a professional team with a powerful snow plow.

So there you have it – six great benefits of using a snow removal service. But why not find the service the old fashioned way – Googling? A snow removal company could charge you up to $100 for shoveling your driveway. That’s pretty steep just so you can enjoy three more minutes in the shower. The benefit of our find services app is that you can find someone who will do the same job for less! You don’t need a company who offers all of the bells and whistles, all you need is to get to work on time. And with Onata, that’s what you can get.

Having someone clear your driveway is definitely a convenience that not everyone can have, but with the find services app, it’s not such a stretch on your finances and you can truly enjoy your morning joe.

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