The Best Guide to Win Onata Insider

The Best Guide to Winning Onata Insider

42shares140622There could be four reasons you’re here: A) You’ve already signed up for the Onata Insider Program and

There could be four reasons you’re here:

A) You’ve already signed up for the Onata Insider Program and want those 100,001 stock options really bad.

B) You’ve stumbled into our blog and this piece seemed like a good place to start.

C) A friend shared this guide on their social media page.

D) You have no clue why stars twinkle at night

Best Guide to Win Onata Insider

If your reason is B, C, or, D, you can reach reason A in less than a minute. Just sign up for OIP (Onata Insider Program) and you’re set to race for 100,001 stock options from Onata shares.

Our goal in writing this article is to help Onata Insiders (people who have already registered for the program) do two things:

  1. Give you clear information about the program and why you deserve to win it.
  2. Share with you a truckload of tips that are sure to land you in within striking distance of the Top 5.  

What is the Onata Insider Program: Quick Recap

The Onata Insider program is a flagship referral contest that promises Onata Stock* options to the top five Insiders who refer the most people to our Onata find services app. All registrants will get a free $5 Onata credit, redeemable for a future service. A place in the Top 100,000 promises you a free subscription for six months along with new business leads (for service providers).

The game intensifies as you break into the Top 1,000 of the leaderboard. A place there combines the previous benefits with a lifetime subscription to our find services app and leads to more business.   

Onata Insider Program 2

An Onata Insider who finishes in the Top 5 in referring people, will be given the perk of 10,001 Onata Stock options. If you’re here, you’ll instantly get 10,001 stock options along with all of the other benefits.

The top Onata Insider who referred the highest number of people is rewarded with a grand perk of 100,001 stock options. This is where life changes forever. At Onata, we’ve pledged to change someone’s life. The only question is, will that be yours?

Sound Like Fun? It Is!

Yes, Onata Insider is a simple referral based contest where you can win by the sheer power of numbers.

That means the participant with the maximum referrals finishes as the #1 Onata Insider. All of it sounds a bit too easy until you realize there are hundreds of other participants who are trying to do the same.

To reach top referral numbers, you will have to think outside the box (right after you have referred to the people inside it). Here goes the truckload of tips:

How to win the Onata Insider program

Here is a collection of things you can do to plant a flag with your name on it on the Onata Insider Program.

1. Use your social media profile to share your unique referral code (URC)

There is no place for free promotion like your own social media. Tell the people in your circle you have signed up for an awesome contest and need peer help to win.

2. Take help from friends, relatives, and influencers

Call them personally and tell them you deserve to become the #1 Onata Insider. They will happily help you win. Do you know an influencer? That’s even better. Ask them to promote your URC on YouTube and social media.

3. Ask your neighborhood for help

Make the next community dinner your platform to pitch for the Onata Insider Program. Tell them why a unique find services app could mean both convenience and new business. You can also promote Onata Neighborhood Services within your community. More on this in a minute.  

And here are some more options you can use:

  • Share your personal Onata experience with people
  • Tell people about the benefits of the upcoming services on Onata  
  • Read this inspiring article  
  • Talk about Onata in the next community dinner

Tools we have provided

Onata Insider Program 2

Here is the list of tools that you can use in the Onata iOS, Android, and web find services apps:

  1. You can share your code through the share option in our web app and Android or iOS app.
  2. You can invite your contacts from your Gmail or Outlook accounts to the page through our Onata web app.
  3. You can use the Onata iPhone or Android app to invite your friends from your phone contacts book.
  4. You can check your rank and the number of referrals you have made.
  5. You can also check the perks you have unlocked.
  6. You can also check the number of people you have invited and the ones who have registered with Onata using your URC so that you can concentrate on those who have not registered yet.
  7. You can see the number of referrals made by the people ahead of you in the race to strategize your game plan further.

Additionally, here’s what you can do while we register service providers for your service requirements:

By the end of this month, we will be releasing Neighborhood Services (NH Services) – one of our two specialty services. With Onata Neighborhood Services, you can define your geographical neighborhood, invite your neighbors to sign up for Onata NH Services, and sign up to provide services for your neighbors.  

Onata Neighborhood is geared towards making positive use of technology in bringing communities back together to quickly and efficiently find services. Read all about Onata Neighborhood Services here.

Till then, keep referring and keep winning.