Broke Millennials, Sound Familiar?

2shares2000Everything at your university costs money, and a lot of it. Money is always on the mind of

Everything at your university costs money, and a lot of it. Money is always on the mind of college millennials.

While working hard towards your degree, maintaining a ‘livable’ income is not the easiest. Many days, you’re probably thinking, ‘how do I make $20 last an entire week!?’

An obvious place the money is going to is partying. Going out becomes a part of college life for a lot of students. So, spending any money on it seems reasonable, even if it’s scarce. It’s estimated that in the United States, college students spend nearly $5 billion a year on alcohol.


Another less thought about expenditure is textbooks. The annual cost per student is close to $1,200. This is a jaw-dropping figure.

The other issue becomes, what do I actually want to spend my money on? AND, how will I earn more money?

Not every college student has the ability to fit in a full or even part-time job. Courses are not always offered at reasonable times, making it nearly impossible to get hired.

Make Money When YOU Want!

The simple solution for millennials is working on the side, on your own schedule, and your own time. It sounds a bit tricky to be able to just make money on the side, but if you have a talent, it’s really not that far from reality.

Having a unique talent or specialty is an incredible asset to have as a university student. It’s very likely that your talent is desired, so why not start putting it to use?

If you want to earn, let’s face it, you’ll do whatever it takes. Money hungry individuals are the ones who make it.

When trying to succeed, you have to prove you want it. There’s no room for laziness or slacking off. Don’t disregard the individuals who go to school full time and work multiple jobs. It can be done, but the effort has to be willing.

What differentiates the determined and the not so determined is who follows through with their commitment. There are so many areas to obtain an income, in.

The easiest and most accessible way to make even a small income is with Onata. Onata prides itself with their on-demand services.

These on-demand services are up to YOU, millennials!

The opportunity and platform are there, so put your talents to use and obtain an income. Don’t forget how much room there is to grow.

Take the opportunity while it’s presenting itself to you, and run with it!