Celebrity influence

Celebrity Influence: How Prevalent Is It?

5shares5000An understanding of positive celebrity influence It would be very naïve to think that the people we hang

An understanding of positive celebrity influence

It would be very naïve to think that the people we hang out with and follow have no influence on our lives. Even if we think they don’t, they MOST definitely do.

No matter the environment or the person, you will always be influenced by those around you, without trying.

The same thing goes for celebrities. . .

Often times, people fear that celebrity influence is too prevalent, especially with the extensive media we have today. But due to this, the positive influence is disregarded.

If a celebrity is constantly practicing ethical, and responsible decision making, as well as spreading positivity in the world, their influence is absolutely making a difference.

Celebrities that have the ability to just ‘speak’ to their audiences, do more justice than they know.

While they are unaware of who exactly they are speaking to, they are definitely reaching someone, and possibly shifting their mindset.


Look at celebrities like Demi Lovato, a true success story, and a positive influence to all. One of her main things to promote is body positivity. Having struggled with an eating disorder herself, she has shown how being open and honest through the process makes all the difference.

She helps young teens and adults feel comfortable in their skin. Remind them that weight and shape and size do NOT define you, and you should be proud of who you are.

Although unable to know exactly who she is helping and when; Lovato has noted on multiple occasions of interacting with fans, how they come up to her and thank her for her inspiring messages. They often say that she ‘saved’ them, with her influence.

But it’s not only pop stars like Demi Lovato, take basketball star, LeBron James.

A talented, and charitable athlete who has remained humble throughout the journey. With this, he’s stayed true to himself and those who helped him along the way.

This is important for all young adults to see and understand, that success should not change you. Being humble is the true key to this success.

When thinking about celebrity influence, always make sure to see the good, too.