Dorm Room Etiquette Every Freshman Needs To Know

13shares13000Your career in college is rarely as interesting as it is during the first few weeks. You learn

Your career in college is rarely as interesting as it is during the first few weeks. You learn new things and have fun both in and outside of the classroom. While you are getting used to dorm life and hopefully already having fun with your roommate, you just might realize that it’s not as easy as you thought.

There’s a new person sharing your new room and that could mean a lot of things. Depending on a lot of factors, you may either have a friendly-yet-not-too-close relationship with them or they might end up being the best friend you’ve ever had. We’d rather you go the second way. To help you zoom through your days in the dorm, we have compiled a set of dorm room etiquette and general residence hall tips.

Stay dressed

This one’s actually so basic, it shouldn’t even be here. But then a great man once warned humanity against underestimating the power of stupid people in large numbers.

Comfort, tranquility, humility, or ‘simplicity’ – whatever be your reason for staying in your birthday suit literally all the time, don’t do it. You are inside a dorm room inhabited by a (hopefully) sensible model of our species. Keep something on your person all the time.

Respect sleep


Both yours and that of the person around. If you are sleeping and the other person is loudly demonstrating their love for heavy metal music inside the room, wake up and let them know that you respect your sleep more than more than a stray human’s life. They’ll understand.

More importantly, do not be the sleep buster in the room. If you have nothing to do and are feeling bored, use Onata and find someone to have fun with. Let your dorm/roommate sleep in peace.

Your laundry is a reflection of your life


We get it, laundry isn’t the most happening part of the day. But if you make a mess of it, odds are you’re messing up everything else in your life. Essentially, it’s just two or three things that you need to get right. First off, do not make the string a cobweb of wet clothes around the room in the weekends. Your roommate will have little appreciation for your musk-smelling socks dangling right above their eyeballs when they wake up on a Saturday morning.

Then, do not mix up your laundry with somebody else’s, that’s criminal. Imagine that feeling when you find out a particular pair of underwear is peculiarly oversized when doing your own laundry. Just don’t do it, and don’t have it done to you.

If there’s a drying room in your staying facility, make full use of it.

Be friendly

It is important to not come across as cold and unsporting, especially if you have just one roommate. Ask your cohabitant about their day. Dropping in a smiling ‘hello’ can feel uber relaxing when someone’s had a rough day.

You need to be extra mindful of your behavior particularly if you’ve had a rough day yourself. Do not be harsh to your roommate without a reason. One person’s bad day shouldn’t automatically amount to another’s.

You’re a temporary guest in communal bathrooms

Regardless of how many people you share the bathroom with, you should not treat it like your personal spa. Once you are done with your routine, make sure to clean up after yourself. Fallen hair in the bathroom makes terribly bad impressions. You can easily excuse yourself but the others may not.

Also, do not leave your cleaning stuff (shampoo, etc.) in the bathroom. It leaves others confused and you cannot really complain if the bottle of shampoo has been emptied on the floor.

Don’t sleep in your neighbor’s room

Unless your host invites or insists, do not sleep in their room. Even if it’s late in the night while you’ve been chatting, leave for your room when you’re sleepy. Do not sleep on their bed and make them uncomfortable.

While there’s a good chance that your friend will not complain immediately, you might not see yourself in their room anytime soon. So just don’t do it.

Set up the quiet hours, mutually


Your quiet hours might not be your roommate and vice versa. When you share a room, you might as well share the serenity. Talk to them about what time of the day (and the night) you are uncomfortable with music, invitees, lights, and the two-in-a-bed stuff.

Once the time is fixed, respect it and expect your roommate to respect it, too. This should also generally involve turning your phones into discreet/vibrate mode. If you really have to invite someone over in those hours, call your roommate(s) and ask if it’s all right.

Do not brush aside annoying habits

Many freshmen are over-accommodating when it comes to observing the dorm room etiquette. However, the mate(s) that share the room with you might not be so considerate. If you are sharing living space with such people, speak up. Keeping silent over the annoying habits of other people amounts to affirmation.

Speak to them about it a couple of times and if they still do not mend ways, speak to your RA. Do not be afraid to be the bad guy if it comes to ‘tolerate or complain’.

Pre-warned is pre-armed. Follow this set of dorm room etiquette and there’s a good life ahead. If nothing really works out, get the Onata app and look for another roommate.