Easton Avenue in the Spring: A Guide to your Favorite Restaurants

0shares0000Easton and College Avenue, a place where summer-eager Rutgers University, New Brunswick students flock, is known for its

Easton and College Avenue, a place where summer-eager Rutgers University, New Brunswick students flock, is known for its exquisite cuisine, which is evident from the opinions of 495 Rutgers Students in a Facebook survey.

As the semester comes to an end, Rutgers students make it a point to embrace all of the restaurants New Brunswick offers, especially ones with both food and alcohol.

Stuff Yer Face is a New Brunswick favorite”, said Robin, Rutgers University Senior, “it’s a place to enjoy the nice weather, your friends, and good food and drinks”.

The second favorite based off of our rankings, Stuff Yer Face, usually moves to number one, once students are of legal drinking age.

Turning 21 meant that Rutgers Senior Aria could finally go to Stuff Yer Face on ‘Game Day’.

Sweating and drinking on the outside patio is a thriller for Aria.

“Being able to grab something to eat and share a fishbowl with friends outside on a nice day is a Rutgers must!” she explained.

A late night, post-bar or party favorite is, and will always be Hansel ‘n Griddle, as seen as number one below.

“After I leave the bar, I can always rely on a crispy chicken bacon ranch sandwich, or maybe even pancakes”, said Lori, a 2018 Rutgers University Graduate.

“Old Man Rafferty’s is such a big excitement, it gets her family hyped up for visiting her”, Ashley Jones. a Rutgers University Sophomore said.

As seen below, Old Man Rafferty’s falls in eighth place, but this is expected due to the age of the audience asked.

Family-friendly restaurants balance out the wild bar life.


Both Efe’s Mediterranean Grill (number ten on the list) and Mamoun’s (number nine) are a taste of home for one Rutgers University Athlete.

“Hummus and Pita is always something my mom serves at home”, she said, “I feel like a little piece of Israel is always with me because of our Middle Eastern restaurants in town”.

The variety of food that Rutgers has to offer fills stomachs of Rutgers Students on a daily basis.

According to 495 Rutgers students, these are the top 10 New Brunswick restaurants:

  1. Hansel ‘n Griddle (156 people)
  2. Stuff Yer Face (93 people)
  3. Honeygrow (77 people)
  4. Tacoria (30 people)
  5. Noodle Gourmet (28 people)
  6. RU Hungry (28 people)
  7. Krispy Pizza (28 people)
  8. Old Man Rafferty’s (22 people)
  9. Mamoun’s (21 people)
  10. Efe’s Mediterranean Grill (12 people)
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