How Onata Can Help Seniors Lead a Better Life

How Onata Can Help Seniors Lead a Better Life

0shares0000It’s no question that you’ve lived a full and meaningful life. There have been good years, full of

It’s no question that you’ve lived a full and meaningful life. There have been good years, full of smiles, birthday parties, Christmases with family, and simple Saturday mornings with pancakes. There have also been not so good years, with, well, we don’t have to relive those years. But with so many experiences and memories, it’s also no question that you are getting older and might be having a harder time managing certain tasks around the house. That’s what Onata was founded on. The passion to help those in need. The fact that we’ve been there, that we’ve seen what happens when you can no longer shovel snow in the driveway or fix the kitchen sink because it’s just too hard to get down on the floor. That’s why we have started our neighborhood services. This simple service allows your dog to be walked, the laundry to be done, or the lawn mowed so that you can lead a worry-free life. So what are all of the ways that Onata can help? And how does the neighborhood service work?

How Neighborhood Services Can Help Seniors

Home Cleaning

When was the last time you dusted the ceiling fan? This was never a fun task when you could get up on a ladder safely to dust high surfaces. What about scrubbing the tub, vacuuming, washing the windows, or moving the sofa to clean the floor underneath? These tasks may be a piece of cake when you’re young and able, but when joints are stiff and you back hurts every day, these cleaning tasks become difficult and potentially dangerous challenges. But don’t stress out about the spider making a home in the corner of your lofted ceiling, with Onata’s neighborhood services, someone will come to you and your home will soon be clean and tidy.

Auto Services

Working on the car might have been a loved hobby back when you had the strength to open up the hood, crawl beneath the car to fix the brakes, change a tire, or change out the oil. But again, as much as you want to break out the tools on a sunny New Jersey day, you simply don’t have the energy or stamina. But chances are, there’s someone in your neighborhood who has an afternoon free or an hour or two to help you change the oil in your car.

Ride Services

When you first got your driver’s license, you flew down the roads and let the wind flow through your hair. Now, driving just is just too risky with poor eyesight and slowed reflexes. So you’re back to asking for a ride to the grocery store or to the library or to church on Sunday. But wasn’t there a neighborhood family who went to the same church as you? Connect with them through our Onata neighborhood services app and you can enjoy more Sunday mornings being thankful for a friend.

Laundry Services

It may have seemed like a day didn’t go by without having to do a load of laundry for the kids. Whether it’s dirty baby bibs or soccer socks, the clothes kept getting dirty, and you kept cleaning them. But the weight of the laundry basket and the impressively heavy bottles of laundry soap have become too much. Isn’t it time to enjoy your wardrobe without having to worry about hauling the clothes back and from from the laundry room to the bedroom?

Cooking Services

You couldn’t begin to describe the number of meals you cooked for your family. Macaroni and cheese casseroles, meatloafs, spaghetti and meatballs, and your favorite, taco night – and the list goes on. But cooking some dishes and cutting up vegetables takes time on your feet, dexterity with the knife, and it takes strength to carry your favorite cast iron pan around the kitchen. The good news is that you can still eat your favorite meals in your own home and with a neighbor who enjoys cooking and talking about food as much as you do.

Snow Removal

The New Jersey winters can be harsh, especially on your back. The feet of snow in your driveway and the sidewalk have become just too much to do yourself. It may have been fun once, to put your kids to work in the driveway while you tackle the sidewalk, and then redo the driveway because your kids missed half of it. But the heavy snow is putting too much pressure on you. Well now you don’t have to worry about not being able to leave the house until the snow melts.


Gardening and mowing the lawn is one of those activities that can actually be therapeutic, despite being “work.” And you spent countless Saturday afternoons throughout the summers tending your tomatoes and cucumbers to enjoy summer salads with the family. But landscaping is hard on your body, pulling weeds and getting up and down to pick strawberries. And forget about mowing the lawn. But you can still have a beautiful yard with our neighborhood services.

So how does Onata’s neighborhood services actually work?

You may have already figured it out, but we’ll tell you in detail how the service works anyway. If you live anywhere in New Jersey and need help around the house, for a variety for reason in addition to the ones listed above, Onata wants to be there to find help! We created a services app that connects people who need help with those who can offer their help. A community of services!

If you need help fixing the leak in the kitchen sink and someone in your community is offering their plumbing skills, it’s a match made in Onata heaven! And that is the basis of our neighborhood service – to bring people together within their own communities. We want to help people save money, lead better lives, and meet the men and women in your own neighborhood.

If you’re a senior in New Jersey who needs help around the house and who wants to lead a worry-free life, simply download the app, or contact one of our customer service reps, and start connecting with people who can help. Onata’s neighborhood service is here to help you lead a quality life.