How to do a Community Cleanup the Right Way

9shares8010Have you ever wanted to organize a community cleanup without knowing where to start? When you do not

Have you ever wanted to organize a community cleanup without knowing where to start?

When you do not start with the right plan, you either drop the plan altogether or do it the wrong way. The efficacy of a community cleanup depends on how well you have planned it. Right from putting together a team of volunteers who mean business, to gathering the necessary tools, the entire process of the cleanup takes a lot of time.

To make the job easier, here are six tips and ideas that will help both individuals and groups organize successful community cleanups.

1. Get together a plan

Treat a community cleanup like any other event. Like we do for weddings and birthday, it is important to put together a plan. This includes fixing a date, choosing a location, and understanding the number of volunteers that you need. After that, make a quick list of supplies that you might need. Such lists generally include essentials like goggles, gloves, and tools for cleaning.

2. Appoint/Elect a coordinator

The person coordinating the project should be responsible for the conduction of the event. The person must be respected and be agreeable to most people in the community. Besides, the coordinator of the project must also be motivated and highly energetic about completing the tasks assigned to them and the team of contributors as a whole.

3. Build the team

A cleanup in the neighborhood cannot be done without the neighborhood coming together. Cleaning the community must be a task driven by volunteers and people from within the community. This requires extensive communication with others. Also, you do not need an immediate commitment from anyone to get the buzz going around.

Reach out to all organizations in your locality. Go to churches, schools, and community centers. It’s a great plus if you have any of these resources around your neighborhood. If not, move around a few blocks.

4. Pay heed to promotions

Use whatever accessible local media you have to promote the event in the neighborhood. This will help you garner coverage before and after the event. Print some flyers and pass them around the neighborhood. Make a neighborhood newsletter and print a few posters too if the budget allows. Hand these posters in high traffic areas. It’s a great way to invigorate the community about the event.

Do not miss out on the option to promote the event on the social media as well. If your neighborhood has something like a Facebook group, it will serve not only as a place for promotion but will also help you coordinate with the team once it is built.

5. Have an execution strategy

Doing a high-level planning of the event is necessary. And finding the right execution day strategy is just as important. If there are common meeting points, make the decision at least a week earlier. Once decided, do not change the meeting points.

Also, make sure the tools and equipment reach the venue on time. Assign the responsibility of carrying and maintaining the tools to two or three neighbors who live near to one another.

6. Do not miss the post-event party

Ideally, the best celebration is to keep a clean neighborhood clean. Alternatively, you can throw a party and invite every volunteer that participated in the neighborhood cleaning activity.

Furthermore, thanking volunteers that participate in an activity is also a great way to incentivize your volunteers for more such events!

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