How to Lead a Quality Life After Retirement

How to Lead a Quality Life After Retirement

0shares0000After working for 40 or 50 years, you finally made it to retirement. After spending years of driving

After working for 40 or 50 years, you finally made it to retirement. After spending years of driving to work every day, attending meetings, putting up with annoying coworkers, and working toward promotions, you have finally made it to the point of your life where you can sleep in (if sleeping till 6 o’clock counts as sleeping in) where you can pick up your favorite hobbies again, and finally start traveling. With so many things to try and experiment with, there may still be less than exciting days and you settle on trying to give back to your community. With Onata’s neighborhood services, we make this easy.

Our neighborhood services app strives to connect people who need help with certain tasks with people who can provide their expertise and skill to those in need. Throughout New Jersey neighborhoods and communities, there are so many people who simply need help walking their dog for the day or who want extra help with their English. So if you have some time in your day, here are some ways in which you can join the Onata community and provide your talent, knowledge, and patience to help those who need it.

Dog Walker

Thousands of people in New Jersey own dogs. And anyone who owns a dog knows that there are busy days where you simply can’t get home during lunch to let him or her out. If you enjoy dogs and can provide an hour of your time, help someone out by offering to be a dog walker or pet sitter. Pet services can be costly and some owners don’t love the idea of letting a stranger into their home to walk their dog. When there’s a neighbor down the street who can walk their dog, it’s a much better scenario.


This is where the patience comes in. There are kids all over the United States who need special attention in math, reading, science, and even history. There are also non-native English speakers who could benefit from some extra practice speaking or writing English. If you have a good grasp on the English language, are an ex-teacher, or simply love to share your knowledge of chemistry, there are people who would greatly benefit from your time and patience.

Party Services

Do you have a knack for planning a great party? Whether it’s children’s birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, or baby showers, there are probably people out there who have no idea where to start when it comes to planning a party. Put your organizational and color coordinating skills to good use! It’s fun, entertaining, and you may even get some cake in the end!


It may be one of the more old fashioned hobbies out there, but it’s nonetheless important and useful. People are constantly adding additions to their homes, building a deck in their backyard, putting up a new stair rail inside their home, or even building a classic cradle for their newborn. Whatever the project is, there are people who may need your help! Carpentry is a beautiful skill that can benefit everyone involved.

Child Care

As you probably know, child care is expensive and it’s difficult to find reliable and trustworthy care. If you love kids, have the patience to handle toddlers or changing diapers, offer your love and attention to a family who may not be able to afford traditional child care. It can also be a great workout!

If you’re retired and want to give back to the community, join Onata’s neighborhood services app to provide your skills, knowledge, and talent to those who need it. And an added bonus is that you can make some extra money for your travels!

Onata’s passion is to connect people within communities who can mutually benefit. We understand that your retirement is a special time, but if you want to put your skill to good use, learn more about our neighborhood services and down the Onata app today.

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