International Womens Day 2018 8 Stories of Lady Innovation Dedicated to Every Woman That Deserves More

International Women’s Day 2018: 8 Stories of Lady Innovation Dedicated to Every Woman That Deserves More

30shares28020Women are achievers. They have always been. We just wish that they always had the recognition that they

Women are achievers. They have always been. We just wish that they always had the recognition that they have finally started to get. Today, empowered women are taking equally long strides in sectors like science, innovation, and public services.

In this age more than ever, we want to celebrate the progress and contribution of women innovators in our past who battled a million challenges. In the same tune, let us also celebrate the women of today who are paving the way to bringing positive change to society.

On International Women’s Day 2018, we bring to you the stories of eight women who have given us innovations we can be proud of.

1. Michela Megas

Michela Megas International Womens Day 2018

Michela Megas co-founded Stromatolite – a company for innovators. The company builds and fosters ecosystems for innovation. People from diverse backgrounds come to Stromatolite to share ideas, create products, and even build end-to-end business models. The company presently boasts of a collection of over 5000 innovators. Megas is credited with institutionalizing the policy context and support system that encourage a volley of disruptive and radical ideas from creative ideators. Michele has an EU Prize for Women 2017 to her name.  

2. Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace International Womens Day 2018

Not many know it, but Ada Lovelace is the first computer programmer in history! She wrote the first machine algorithm for one of the earliest computing machines back in the 1840s. She worked with none other than Professor Charles Babbage, widely regarded as the father of computers! A brilliant mathematician, Ada Lovelace paved the way for all women with computing aspirations.   

3. Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi International Womens Day 2018

Decades after her demise, Indira Gandhi continues to be the most influential Indian woman in global politics. She became the Prime Minister of India as early as 1966 and is only the second woman head of a state in modern history. Apart from initiating multiple national policies for the poor, Gandhi also significantly impacted the historic and geographic dimensions of South Asia. She openly lent military support to the Bangladeshi freedom movement, albeit in the face of significant opposition from the Western world.   

4. Angelica Fuentes

Angelica Fuentes International Womens Day 2018

After her prolonged association with Omnilife, a global nutrition company, Mexican businessperson  Angelica Fuentes founded Angelíssima. The business model of Angelíssima is such that it empowers independent women to make financial gains. the peak of her philanthropic work is the Angélica Fuentes Foundation established by Fuentes. The foundation’s prime focus is the empowerment of Latin American women and girls. Fuentes firmly believes that global economy can only be successful with gender equality.   

5. Jyoti Vazirani

Jyoti Vazirani International Womens Day 2018

Co-founder and President of Onata, Inc., Jyoti Vazirani is the ideator of the revolutionary Onata Neighborhood Services. A serial entrepreneur, Jyoti has founded is an ardent advocate of women rights and the rights of people of color. She presently heads the operations of three of the group’s companies. A sharp mind for business coupled with her vision for global progress makes Jyoti a model for young women with the aspiration for entrepreneurship.  

6. Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson International Womens Day 2018

African-American mathematician and physicist, Katherine Johnson always had a passion for science. Her academic and performance brilliance led her to NASA, where her colleagues called her “computer”. She was one of the earliest proponents of digital electronic computers at NASA. She championed the rights of African-American women during her long career. Johnson played a key role in enabling NASA to send the first man on the moon.

7. Maria Telkes

Maria Telkes International Womens Day 2018

Maria Telkes is best known for her career-defining efforts in putting the sun’s energy to use. Her research and academic caliber are highlighted by her two key inventions – the first solar heating system for residences and the solar distiller. She also developed a salt-water still (distillation apparatus) that was used by the American Navy in World War II. Some of our disabled veterans owe their lives to this invention by Telkes!

8. Sirimavo Bandaranaike

Sirimavo Bandaranaike Sirimavo Bandaranaike

Sirimavo Bandaranaike was the first woman head of a state in the modern world. She served as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and Ceylon for a total of three terms, the latest being from 1994 to 2000. Along with her husband, Bandaranaike formed the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. She assumed the party’s leadership after her husband was brutally assassinated.

And these are just a few. History is full of countless examples of women innovators who have not just built bridges between the genders but have also contributed to humanity with their inventions, philanthropic work, business prowess, and scientific breakthroughs. On International Women’s Day 2018, let us congratulate all women who gather the courage to innovate.  

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