New Year, New You?

8shares8000The resolution that everybody makes, and nobody keeps! It’s the New Year, and you’ve made a resolution to

The resolution that everybody makes, and nobody keeps!

It’s the New Year, and you’ve made a resolution to yourself to be a ‘New You’.

Now, this sounds like the typical resolution we all make and fail to proceed with, but, this year, that doesn’t have to be the case.

The motto ‘New Year, New You’, can be as simple as cleaning around your house more or committing to working out and striving for a better and healthier lifestyle.

Some goals are reasonable, and some are harder to obtain. Getting into a strict workout routine is one of the most common ‘New Year, New Me’, ideals.


A striking majority of people think about starting a healthier life, but once they actually have to work out and change their ways, it almost never happens. There are many ways to actually stick to your goals, and working with a personal trainer is one of them.

It can be very hard to find the motivation to work out alone. When a trainer is in the equation, there is motivation. A trainer will push you and also work with you, making your goals reachable.

The idea of a trainer can scare many people, as they can be intimidating and rather expensive. Especially for the budget of a college student. Since there is so much hesitation with hiring a personal trainer, Onata wanted to enter the equation.

An ecosystem of unique services has been made available by the Onata App. Personal training being one of the many services on offer, has opened up affordable hourly rates for students. Not only are services catered toward college students, they are also provided by college students.

Onata is not only providing affordable prices, we are also contributing to university student success.

Since college students are the service providers, they have the obvious opportunity of making money, but also can build a brand and portfolio for themselves. One unique service that Onata is offering is hairstyling and make-up artists.

Get That Professional Look

Going for that professional look? That’s what Onata guarantees. These talented individuals will build their brand, give you a fabulous look, and make some extra money while doing so. Not only will you be benefitting yourself, but also your peers.


Why not take advantage of the resources in your area? Better yet, why not have them at your doorstep!

Not only is Onata on-demand services, but at your utmost convenience. All you have to do is request a service and pinpoint your location as the meeting spot. Your unique provider will then be matched to meet your needs.

How much better can it get? Reasonable prices, convenience, and efficiency is quite the steal.

Going after your goals should not feel like a chore. It’s not something that should stress you out or make you worry, but, these types of changes can be scary. Instead of having to face them alone, the support is there and waiting.

If you don’t try, there is no room for change and positivity. It is one thing to commit, but following through is what determines you. Now that the New Year is live and in action, control your actions and go after your dreams.