Nine Cool Ways to Instantly Make Friends in College

9shares9000By the end of summer, a whole new class of freshmen will join college. With college, there will

By the end of summer, a whole new class of freshmen will join college. With college, there will be new people and new people means there will be a chance for all of us to make new friends. Making new friends is the easiest in the first few weeks of college.

Here are some of the simplest ways to get going with new people at college and to convert them into friends

1. Make the most of the dorm

Your dorm is filled with people that feel and smile just the way you do. These people are eager to make new friends. See if your dorm has a common room where freshmen meet other freshmen to have fun.

The best thing about sharing dorms is that there is always someone who feels the same way on a given day. Bond with them.

The first few weeks in college must be spent happily so you can carry the confidence throughout the years to come. Befriending your dorm mates is a straightforward way of staying happy.

2. Be the person you are

The singular greatest thing about the people in college is that you will always find people who share your uniqueness. All you need to do is present your personality just the way it is. That’s the best way to draw people closer to you.

If you are not feeling natural among your friends, there is a chance you are trying to become someone else. When you are not trying to be someone else, you will find it easier to make contact with people who are just as natural.

3. Focus on extracurricular stuff

If you already have an extracurricular activity linked to your routine, find a club in your campus that does just that. If you do not find one, look for just any club with a cause. Treat it as a chance to associate yourself with something new.

Extracurriculars create a special bond between you and your peers. It gives you that add something to make small talk with your friends.

4. Come across as interesting

If you have a unique skill, do not be afraid to flaunt it. Uniqueness always helps in the first few days and weeks of college.

Whether it is playing the guitar or re-enacting famous scenes from movies, give people something that they associate you with.

Being remembered as the “girl with the melody in her voice” or the “dude with amazing beatboxing skills” is not such a bad thing either.

5. Try out common hobbies

Common interests and hobbies do not just break the ice. They also work like magic to bring people closer to one another. For the start, conversations are much more interesting when you start from a place of commonness.

To find common hobbies, you must talk to people or start joining clubs. Be open about your areas of interest in your conversations. That’ll let people know about your likes and dislikes.

6. Learn everything bit by bit

There’s no machine that can predict the kind of conversations you will have with people. The safest place to start is to learn a little bit about everything.

For starters, learn a bit about each stream of education that your peers are following. You cannot go wrong making a terrific first impression when speaking of education. Such conversations also help you make the “right” friends and not just any friend.

7. Ask good questions

We are not even remotely suggesting that you avoid making small talk. However, as conversations advance, ask questions that matter that avoids the questions that meaninglessly fill time and space.

Like the great Tyrion Lannister remarked, “the true history of the world is the history of great conversations.” Most great conversations often start with a singular great question or remark.

8. Share meals

Ever since the time we were a hunting-gathering race of people, people have bonded over food. College is a great place to bond over food.

Sharing a meal is also a terrific way to mend broken relationships. If you have bonded on and off with someone in the first few weeks of college, share a meal with them and.

9. Be nice with people

Trust us this one never backfires. Small niceties that you share with people always come back doubled to you. It is especially relevant when you are in the first week of college. The new people you meet will remember you for the first impression you left on them.

One cool way to start off nicely with the people you meet is to wear a smile when you greet and speak. A smile is a simple way to tell someone that you like them and are happy to meet them. Niceness sorted!