Oscar Party Ideas 8 Funky Ways

Oscar Party Ideas: 8 Swanky Ways to Spice Up Your Hollywood-Themed Party!

15shares15000So it’s finally gone around a full year and come back – the Oscars. The 90th Academy Awards

So it’s finally gone around a full year and come back – the Oscars. The 90th Academy Awards will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and will be aired on March 4 on ABC. We hope you already have the list of nominees for the Oscars. Because that’s going to important if you really want to spruce things up and grab that “best Oscar party host” award. Yeah, that’s a thing.

Now if you are seriously planning to dish out an Oscar party to remember, we have something for you – actually, quite a few things. Honestly, we screened over a thousand (and a half) opinions from the Onata team members and settled for some real “winner” tips that truly have the potential to land you an event management contract with some leading production Hollywood houses. Not kidding about that!

8 Cool Oscar Party Ideas

Let’s cut the chase and show you 8 cooltastic ways to throw a now-or-never Oscar-themed party!

1. Aim for the M

Oscar Party Ideas 8 Funky Ways 2

If you really want your party to be the talk of the town, you need to call in people – lots of them. Meanwhile, M, in Roman numerals, is 1000. If not a thousand, go for as many people as you can.

Invite all your social and work groups to one place and let them discuss the common topic of reference – you! Enjoy all the attention until the conversation invariably veers toward Daniel Day-Lewis. Speak of being the talk of the town again!

2. Break the Bore on the Costumes

The Oscars 2018 party should be a great occasion to repeat the costumes your favorite celebs wore in the Oscars 2017. Throw in a few superhero costume requests and watch the temperatures soar and evil eyes turn away.

Exercise good caution though. Stand-up comics are quick to pounce on anything that even has the ‘f’ of funny. Unless, of course, you are in for that kind of attention. In which case, you might as well dress the entire band as minions.

3. Roll the R Carpet

Oscar Party Ideas 8 Funky Ways 3

You need to play along well with this one. Since the red carpet is generally rolled out near the entrance of the house, you would want to double check the weather before using a real carpet.

A wiser idea would be to make use of synthetic rubber mats that mimic the look of the red carpet. If it’s too much on your lone shoulders, take help from neighborhood guests on your list.

4. Recreate Popular Movie Scenes

Oscars 2018 will be a fight between some of the most celebrated movies that released through the last year. That puts you in a great position to discover some hidden acting talent around you.

All you need to do is ask your guests to rehearse their favorite scenes and enact them on the party night. Make some arrangements for some prizes – even better if they look like the Oscar trophies. And yes, keep the acting chops on – you never know who is watching.

Hint: Avoid creating entire sets and go for some “real scenes” with dialogues and emotion.

5. Kick up a Karaoke, Already!

Oscar Party Ideas 8 Funky Ways 4

How is it that it is still not illegal to throw big parties without mandatory karaoke? You see where we are getting, right? There’s too much singing talent that is getting washed away by sheer competition and corporate commitments.

Give these voices a chance by hosting a truly grand karaoke on your Oscar-themed party. A mix of styles is what we are ideally going after.

6. Take the Oscar Challenge

You can’t thank us enough for informing you that could actually be on the guest list of Oscars in  2018. Yes, once you take the Oscars challenge, you can challenge your Facebook friends and win an entry for every correct pick.

7. Put up a Lively Decoration

Oscar Party Ideas 8 Funky Ways 5

If you are calling it an Oscar theme party, you may as well want it to look like one. For starters, go with the red and gold themes (unless you have something totally dope in mind).

You can always consider filling up the vacant walls with B/W versions movie posters from the best movies in the last year. You may also go for the colored versions but the Black & White strikes a distinct spark with the red and gold themes.

8. Watch the Oscars Outdoor – Live!

There isn’t much point in anything in the universe if you do not play the Oscars live in your Oscar-themed party. We suggest you keep the location outdoors (fingers crossed on the weather).

The safest bid would be to have a giant makeshift shade installed over the entire party area. If your budget permits, try an Oscar decoration on the shade too.

Those were a few ways to lighten up your Oscar-themed party. If you need some household help from the neighborhood while you set up the party, feel free to ask help from your Trusted Neighbors through the Onata Neighborhood Service.      

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