Rutgers 101: Everything Freshmen Will Regret Not Knowing

5shares5000By the time you’re done with your first year in college, there’s a ton of things that you

By the time you’re done with your first year in college, there’s a ton of things that you wish you knew back when you started. Luck’s on your side if you are from Rutgers because we just cut through the web and beyond looking for things that every Rutgers freshman should know. Right from Rutgers food and the Rutgers Transport, this is your cheat-list to know little things about Rutgers that your peers have no clue of. If you need info on the Rutgers academic calendar, click here.

Use this article to know every common and uncommon bit important to a Rutgers freshman. We have listed the info into food, transport, healthcare and study categories.



  • There are microwave ovens at every campus center. You can use them to warm your food.
  • You can simplify eating in dining halls by putting money on RU Express. While you can also make payments with credit cards or cash, it’s easier and more convenient to pay with RU Express. Also, compare the prices of the meal plans with guest entry prices. For some meal plans, guest entries are cheaper than actual meal plans.
  • There’s no sales tax on food purchased on campus for students.
  • There’s a free cup of water with food at almost every food place on campus.
  • Sushi costs half the price at the Asian Palace near the Busch Campus Center.



  • If you or a friend is suffering a temporary handicap, you can arrange a special bus for transportation. It could be a bit tedious but is still a whole lot better than traveling on crutches.
  • Get the Knight Mover when there are no regular buses. Let them know where you are on campus (even if it’s just the name of an area). They’ll drop you at any place you want inclosing some places where regular buses don’t go.In case you live in a dorm on campus, they’ll drop you right there.
  • If your drop destination is somewhere around College Ave (SAC, Student Center or Scott Hall), take the F and EE buses. If you want the bus to go through Student Center, Scott Hall and then SAC, board the H, A. and LX buses.
  • Special B buses marked “B-He” halt at the Busch-Livingston Center right near the Business School Building at Rutgers. There’s a bus around every hour.
  • If you’re moving around Busch or Cook-Douglass, it is faster to walk than to take buses in many instances.
  • You will find air pump and bike repair stations near every campus and other popular spots like Livi Plaza Bus stop, Au Bon Pain, the Douglass Campus Center and Busch Campus Center.
  • A bus goes to the NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal and the round trip ticket fare is cheaper than trains.
  • Out of the blue, you can find every piece of information about the Rutgers bus system on the Rutgers App.



  • STD testing is done at Health Services all the time. Never be too self-conscious to skip a visit.
  • If you plan on visiting the Health Center, first make an appointment via phone or online. Otherwise, they might refuse to see you and it isn’t much you can do about it.



  • Download the RU Wireless print driver on your laptop and you can print to any Rutgers printer from your device.
  • The Imaging Center at Alex Library can comb-bind your documents. At rates you cannot imagine!
  • You can download software like MatLab or Maple through ScarletApps if you need it for a class. Before you can download software, you must enable ScarletApps from the NetID page. That way, you don’t always go to the lab.
  • If you swipe up from below on your list of print jobs, you can release all of them at once. Once you swipe, make sure all pending jobs are highlighted. Plus, it works only in reverse.
  • After sending a document to a printer, it can be released from any other printer on campus. The only printers where this might not work is the small printers inside classrooms.
  • There’s a huge audio archive for students learning different accents at the Douglass library.
  • Most Rutgers printers do not allow students to print resumes. Make sure to get them printed off campus before the career fairs start.
  • There are special Macs in the ARC computer lab where you can access all the latest photo/video editing software.
  • You should be able to find free tutors at the Rutgers Learning Centers. They have several important textbooks available to them.



  • If you own a bike, register it with RUPD. That makes it way easier to recover the bike in case of loss or theft.
  • If you want to rent a free locker for the semester, find your way to the front desk at Werblin and ask for it.
  • There’s a total of three stops at public safety buildings and all of them are at different locations. F and Rex buses stop at Public Safety while moving towards Cook-Douglass. EE buses stop at two locations on George Street (once each near the gas station and the building).


If you are a registered US voter, you can only vote on campus if you’re a registered voter in the area. More precisely, if you are a Piscataway resident. However, it’s slightly harder for residents of the New Brunswick area. It’s best to register early if you do want to vote on campus.

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