Rutgers Beyond the Classroom: Places To Visit And Things to Do

11shares11000Rutgers is a great place to be both in and outside of the classroom. While we take instant

Rutgers is a great place to be both in and outside of the classroom. While we take instant liking to some places and activities, there are many other spots that we tend to miss without intending to. Plus, there are different activities on the campuses that we do not even know of. To save you the seek-and-hunt, we made a list of the best places to visit at the Rutgers University.

Rutgers Garden – New Brunswick

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Not many people know that Rutgers has a garden of its own. If you haven’t been to this place yet, it should definitely be on your immediate visit-list. This place is indeed so picturesque that it’s been used as a wedding destination. Ironically, the garden invites more visitors from around the town than Rutgers students.

There’s lots to do at the Rutgers Garden. Try the Rutgers Garden Farmers Market that provides locally grown/made fresh vegetables and food to the local community. Everybody from residents, students, faculty, staff, and even restaurants are welcome to the Farm Market. Do not miss this place if you are a fan of localized farming.

Rutgers Cinema – Livingston Campus


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Nothing’s more fun than discounted movies on weekends. At Rutgers!

Yes, Rutgers has its own movie theater where each flick is just $5 once you’ve flashed your student ID. What’s even better is you do not even need to watch a movie to visit this place. One of your classes in the coming weeks might be scheduled right here!

Sage Library – College Ave Campus


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The Alexander library is for you if you like the buzz of a teeming student populace. But the heavily underrated Sage library is just as cool a place to be. Unlike the Alex library, this place has a certain distinct sense of calm to it. It will definitely appeal to you if you like to spend your study hours in solitude.

The last we checked, there was no Wi-Fi at this place. But there’s an immersive collection of all kinds of books.

The Observatory – Busch Campus


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The Busch Observatory at Rutgers is one of the finest in the state of New Jersey. There are events that are open to students, local residents as well as tourists. The official Observatory Page shows you events scheduled for up to the next five months in advance. You will also find scientific highlights like the transition of Venus (June 2012) and the Triangulum Galaxy on the page.

Kissing Bridge – Douglas/Cook Campus


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If you have found the one for you, bring them to this scenic beauty called the Kissing Bridge connecting the Cook and the Douglas campuses at Rutgers. Originally called the Ravine Bridge, the myth about this place is that if a boy from Cook meets and then kisses a girl from Douglas, they’re meant to be together forever. Don’t worry if you feel you’ve landed in the middle of Narnia – it could be true after all!

Zimmerli Art Museum – College Ave Campus


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This one is distinguished as one of the most elaborately maintained university-based museums in the country. The Zimmerli Art Museum at College Ave Campus houses over 60,000 works as part of its collection. Enough said, be there already.

Rutgers Zone – Livingston Campus

There’s enough at Rutgers that will keep you busy. But the Rutgers Zone in the Livingston Campus is more than just being busy. It is a complete premier entertainment hub with a Gaming and Sporting Center featuring a large video walls and enormous TVs.

Have fun with the Xbox, PS4, and Wii gaming consoles and switch to the arcade games and pool table whenever you feel like. End the visit with the mandatory ice cream and milkshake they make.

More To Do  

Rutgers is not just about places you can visit. Here are some additional activities that you can be a part of.

University Choir Auditions


The Rutgers University Choir is presided over by dedicated and decorated directors every semester. Being a part of this ensemble choir means you can perform at two concerts in a year. The UC in Rutger is associated with Classic titles like Carmina Burana and O Fortuna. Visit here to learn more about the University Choir at Rutgers.

Swing Dance Club


Want to learn swing dancing? Find the Swing Dance Club in Douglas College. The club encourages dancers of all levels to join and from what we hear, it’s an all-fun group of people. Be sure to check with the Douglas Campus Centre on the new dates of admission.

Creative Writing Club      


Everybody gets a chance to juggle words at the Creative Writing Club at the College Ave Student Center. The club encourages students from all skill levels and majors to join and participate. This is an especially great destination for budding writers that can meet other writers, collaborate, and receive feedback on their work.

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