School and Balance And Life And Friends And Work: Why You Need To Maintain A Work-Life Balance Throughout College

1shares1000Have you ever noticed the people who are constantly working? Do you wonder if they ever take any

Have you ever noticed the people who are constantly working? Do you wonder if they ever take any time for themselves?

The answer is probably not, and becoming a workaholic is something that develops in your younger days. There is nothing wrong with being dedicated and passionate about your work, but the fine line is drawn on your personal life.

Having a personal life outside of your studies allows for college to be fun and exciting. The friends and relationships you build at your university, are usually friends for life.

In order to ensure a healthy work-life balance at college, here are some great tips:

  • Study Outside Your Dorm: it’s important to realize that living space is not always the best study space. Many people like to study in the comfort of their own home or bed, but it’s actually very unhealthy. It’s important to differentiate your personal space from your working space. When your personal space becomes your working space, all things personal are eliminated. It creates an environment where you’ll always want to be working!”
  • Stay Organized: everybody has their own unique way of doing this. Keep a calendar or schedule in whichever way suits you best. Some may prefer a written calendar, while others may just write down little reminders. Either way, stick to it! Give yourself designated time each week to go to the gym, see friends, or just sit around and do nothing. Never forget to incorporate time for you to relax.
  • Know Your Living Situation: who you live with and the conditions of your home DO MATTER. College homes and apartments do not have the best reputation for cleanliness, however, your living conditions will determine your mood and overall morale. The cleaner things are, the higher the productivity.
  • Set Goals: sometimes you may think your goals are unrealistic. However, it’s okay to set goals both reachable and unreachable. The harder you work at it, the unreachable becomes in reach.
  • Be Willing to take Chances: there is an endless possibility of ‘chance’ in college, however, you MUST be willing to take them to strike that perfect work-life balance. College is the shortest four years of your life, no matter how long it actually may feel. You get this experience once, don’t waste any time!

College is the best time of your life, the time where you find yourself, but you must be open to it. Embrace all the change and things your university has to offer, four years will happen in the blink of an eye.

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