Seven Ways to Make College Life More Productive Than Ever

0shares0000By the time you’re in college, you’re all and grown up and ready to live life the way

By the time you’re in college, you’re all and grown up and ready to live life the way you want. But fun at college can also be productive and does not always need you to drink yourself sick or nearly break the law with every new ‘adventure’. The truth is college can be fun and productive at the same. That’s if you get your priorities in order. Here are some tips to help you maximize your productivity during college life.

Never Miss Out On Notes

The ‘cooler’ hunks and chunks from the American Pie movies might disagree. But college is not all about meeting someone new every hour and partying till the world’s end. You come to college for an education and not to get lost in the glitter. The fact is there’s a lot of glitter in the classes as well, as long as you’re choosing the right kind of classes.

Whether or not you like a class, you must have all the notes from the class. In case you have missed some important classes, use the Onata app to gather notes through note taking services by one of your peers. That’ll keep you all caught up even if you weren’t physically present in the class.

Keep Making New Friends


Thirty years from college, you might not remember that bio class from the last week. But you will remember a dozen of names that mean something to you. To arrive at that dozen, you’ll need to keep making new friends. Make friends from your class and from around the campus.

You do not need to actively recruit new friends though. Be friendly with everyone and the right people will end up being friends with you. Remember, it’s about the long game.

Volunteer For Events/Find Part-Time Jobs  

If you keep your eyes and ears open, you’ll find a lot of money-making opportunities around your campus. For example, a lot of brands come to the college campus to advertise and market their products and services. Using Onata, you will connect with such brands and land paid volunteering gigs with them.

You may also serve part-time at one of the cafes or eateries on campus. It’s especially great for those who like to meet and serve new people.

Clean Your Room


We get it. There’s hardly any motivation to get up on a Saturday morning and start sifting through laundry and changing sheets. Except, when you consider the fact that a clean room helps you organize and plan better in many ways. The great thing is you do not even have to do it yourself. Neither do you have to spend hundreds of dollars getting professional cleaners to do it for you.

Thanks to Onata, you can now entrust peers around the campus with the job. That’s right, you can find affordable cleaning services offered by campus students for exciting rates.

Join Clubs

College shouldn’t just be about books from the course. Locate clubs around the campus that share the same interests as yours. Joins those clubs and give yourself the opportunity to become both productive and skillful. Whenever you get a chance, make new friends at local events around the campus and town through your club membership.

Move Around Campus 

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If you study at Rutgers, there’s a huge chance you are missing out from a ton of attractions around the Rutgers campus. And just like Rutgers, almost every campus in the country has a ton of things for you to see and do. Mark famous and less famous locations on your campus and give yourself timely breaks by visiting these places once in a while.

Go to Local Sporting Events

Nothing effuses energy like a high-octane match between rival college teams. Whenever there’s a match on campus involving your local team, gather people, get your props ready and show your team some love. If you need graphic designing help to make some designs for game day, trust Onata to find you the most trusted graphic designing help around campus.

Onata is an ecosystem of campus services for the students and by the students. The Onata app is live on university campuses in the state of New Jersey. Write to us at if you want to be a part of Onata.

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