Single On Valentine’s Day, So Fun!

0shares0000What it’s really like being single on February 14th.  Ever wonder what February 14th feels like when you’re

What it’s really like being single on February 14th. 

Ever wonder what February 14th feels like when you’re on your own? Well, I guess it is what you make of it.

There’s two options, the glass half full, and the glass half empty. And for a college girl on Valentine’s Day, that’s a wine glass we’re talking about.

Why take the glass-half-empty approach when you can find the fun in such a superficial holiday. You’re not the only single one of your friends, that just isn’t possible. Ever hear of GALENTINE’S?

Yeah, take advantage of your gal’s, because they really have your heart, and here are some great ways to celebrate with them tonight:

  1. Have a full-on lady’s night – hangout at one of your besties’ houses, watch funny movies, eat as much junk food as your heart desires, and if you’re 21, have a nice glass of wine. Cheers to you, ladies!
  2. How about a dinner date? Nothing wrong with going on a nice date with your friends!
  3. ‘Mean Girls’ is always a great option.

Oh, and here’s an idea, but it’s a pretty wild one.

All you need: a bride’s veil, and your girlfriends.


You and all your single ladies should definitely head to the bars and have some fun. Each bar you go to, pretend it’s a bachelorette party. Each bar, a different girl wears the veil and plays the bride. Now that’s an adventure. . .

Do a secret cupid! Don’t wait for a future significant other to spoil you, spoil your friends. It’s also a money saver.

Candles, bath bombs, mini bottles of wine, makeup, chocolate, and more! There are so many Valentine’s themed gifts for your friends.

Each year that passes, Valentine’s Day is less and less traditional. Nowadays, just as many people celebrate with their friends, as couples do. It’s just as much the norm.

Who cares who you celebrate with, as long as it’s ‘your type of party’, you’re doing it right.

Sisters before misters, ladies, keep you gals close and enjoy.

Happy Valentine’s Day, celebrate in the most non-traditional way possible!

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