Six Lawn Design Ideas To Revamp Your Outdoor Space

6shares6000Reserving outdoor space for a lawn? Good decision! We can’t stress enough how much we appreciate homeowners respecting

Reserving outdoor space for a lawn? Good decision! We can’t stress enough how much we appreciate homeowners respecting the idea of the lawn. But the true beauty of a lawn emerges only when you meticulously plan its design. In this article, we share with you a bunch of lawn design ideas to give your lawn the perfect look with or without hardscaping.

1. Plan Your Hardscaping

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If you plan on including hardscapes in the lawn, you must plan for it in advance.

A common landscaping mistake is not planning the hardscaping before actually doing any plantation. You may plan the hardscapes and tree surrounds before planning the layout of the vegetation. You do not really need to install pavers and wooden fitting before planting saplings though. It works even if you have a general idea of the space that the hardscaping will occupy and plant saplings around or between that space.

2. Invest in Soil Maintenance


The soil is perhaps the most integral element in maintaining the health of a garden and the plants in it. Plants, trees, and grasses derive nutrition from soil and manure and grow into green and healthy vegetation.

Depending on the kind of greens you plan to plant, you should figure out the soil that works best. It is important to note that different plants require different kinds of soils. The choice depends on the type of nutrition, drainage and moisture content each plant needs. Choosing groups of plants that have similar requirements means you can save on the expenditure on different kinds of soils.

3. Don’t Make it Single Tone


Gardens look drab if they are the same shade of green at every corner. The easy way to landscape is to choose a variety of plants and trees that bloom in different seasons and your garden will stay colorful perennially.

Based on which season it is, you can also experiment with colors in your garden. Some plants bear green, blue, or even purple flowers. Plant a variety of spring, summer, and fall flowers.

4. Use Lawn Mowers and Leaf Blowers


Manual rakes and leaf blowers are the best tools if you are looking at removing a ton of foliage from around the garden. If you do not promptly blow away the leaves off the lawn in autumn, they may rot the grass during winters.

The right leaf blowers will also help you light snow, cobwebs, and frost from the surface of the lawn. However, the leaf blower must be used with sufficient caution – never use them on freshly applied pesticides, gravel, insecticides or loose dust.

5. Choose your Decor


Whether or not you think there’s enough space, there is some or the other kind of garden decor for you. Decorating the garden adds to its charm and appeal. You can hang inexpensive objects around the walls or install durable furniture around the space.

A simple thing like a walkway or pavement can add character to your garden. The path can be made using pavers, pebbles, concrete, bricks, or wood. Some attention should definitely go to the kind of seating arrangement that you choose for the garden.

6. Make Use of Buildings and Structures


The curb appeal of your property shoots up when you extend the lawn to the buildings and structures around the property. Make ample use of windows and doors to make some part of the garden into a hanging garden.

While choosing the color of plants that stick to the walls, go with something that spells out the contrast. If it’s a white wall, choose colorful pots of plants. But be careful not to damage walls while trying to decorate them with plants.

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