Rainy day

Six Things to Do on Cloudy/Rainy Days at Rutgers

12shares12000The pouring in and around Rutgers University can be intense and erratic. If you’re seriously out of luck,

The pouring in and around Rutgers University can be intense and erratic. If you’re seriously out of luck, it can carry on for days and you might fall short of activities to do. For the start, it’s best to stay indoors in your dorm/room to avoid getting drenched. The good thing is rains don’t discriminate and your friends in the dorm will hopefully be with you. Here’s a list of (group and solo) activities to stay engaged while the weather does its bit.

Get those assignments

Rainy day - 1

If you have been procrastinating assignments for a while, here’s nature helping you out. The first thing that you would like to accomplish on a rain-hit day is those assignments. Even if there’s sufficient time for the submissions, you can always make use of a solid headstart and go easy later.

Since it’s a rainy day, you will also find most of your friends in the dorm. Make use of their help for group studying and note-taking. If you’re at the start of the freshman year, get the Onata app and find note-taking help nearby.

Start with a book (or two)

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If you are a book nerd, use the rainy day to double down on your hustle through the latest title you are reading. If you are not, use this godsend opportunity to become one. Mark Haddon has famously said that a good book can both talk and listen. So a good book will not only feed you great things but you will have also earned yourself a good friend.

If you do not have a book handy, head out to one of the many libraries at Rutgers (Alex and Sage libraries get special mentions). Easier still, download an ebook or an audiobook and brew some coffee while you are at it. To keep it more casual, you can also start with short stories. We recommend you try out one from this list of winsome short stories.

Binge watch a TV show

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If you want to get hooked on to something with little effort on your part, this is what you can be doing. Ask around the dorm and suggestions will pour in toward your general direction. If you’re too lazy to do it, here is the list of best TV shows featured on IMDb.

Be careful on the volume of content you plan to watch though. If you are choosing something that has a total of 50 shows over five seasons, you will find it difficult to pause even after the sun shines outside. We can tell you from experience that the withdrawal effects can be unnerving.

Make good on the unwatched movies

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Movies are better bets for limited munching. All of us have a list of at least three movies in the pipeline that keep getting pushed away for manifold reasons. The best way to do it is with friends from around the dorm. Honestly, a good movie doesn’t really depend on the weather – you can always watch it with your friends on the weekend.

Watching a movie is also one of the most low-cost methods of entertainment that you can choose. If one of you is subscribed to Netflix (or Amazon Prime, or Hulu, or Crunchyroll), nothing like it. You can also rent a movie on iTunes for as little as $3.99.

Sleep well

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If nothing else feels attractive enough, use nature’s time machine and make up for the sleep you’ve lost during the last few weeks. Gloomy days are good days to take rest. But take caution against sleeping for too long, or else you will not be able to sleep at night. Ask Siri or Google to wake you up in a couple of hours and take it from there.

Redo your jewelry

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Here’s one idea you can definitely implement. Get out all the cheap stock of jewelry under our possession and clean it up with a soft cloth. Now pick up a bottle of clear nail polish and spread a stroke each on the surface of each item. You will be amazed to see how new your jewelry looks after this little exercise. Thank us later.