Ten Cool Dorm Décor DIY Projects You Can Do Right Now

11shares11000The thing about dorm rooms is that they all look the same. Until you decide otherwise. Everybody secretly

The thing about dorm rooms is that they all look the same. Until you decide otherwise. Everybody secretly plans on making their dorm the general object of envy for others. If you plan early enough, you will have enough time to brood over the kind of décor that you want in your room. The cool part is you do not have to purchase all the dorm décor – instead you can create most of it. Plus, the summer’s still on your side and that means you have enough time for DIY projects.

“Nah, I ain’t that artsy!”

Never mind. The DIY projects we are going to show you are nowhere as difficult as you might have thought. In fact, they are easy enough for any student to go ahead and give it a spin. Moreover, all of these are battle tested on the budgetfield!

Wall art with embroidery hoop

Many of us do not have that magical ability to smell a vintage piece of art at a garage sale from a mile away. For out lot, all that’s needed is a set of elegant fabrics and cool embroidery hoops. From there, all you need to do is pick a pattern close to your heart and tighten it. Check out this cool video to find out how easy it actually is!

3D wall art

If you are a colorful person, you’ll definitely like this piece of DIY art. You can choose as many frames as you can fit under $40 or $50. If you are already an artist, you can go full spectrum with colors. But we still recommend you stick to a maximum of five colors. Be careful when using the hammer and nails. Ask a dorm mate for their help if it’s your first time with those tools. Check this out for step-by-step instructions for this art.

Lunar cycle art

If you’re good with working wood, you can go full DIY with this one. If not, the beauty of this art is still good enough for you to take the help of a genuine woodworker. Once the wood pieces are cut into shape and drilled for string passage, you can either work with white, black and shades of grey or try out brighter colors, too.

Framed wipe-off board

If the white board is too much of an eyesore for your dorm, pick up just about any frame from a flea market and get a funky fabric while you are at it. Of course, you need some packing tape and a pair of scissors. Add to it a foam the same size as the frame. Arrange all of that and place the glass neatly back on the top of the frame.

Make your phone into a projector

Trust us, you do not want to pay a bundle on a digital projector when you can turn your phone into a projector for as little as $1. That’s right, Instagram on the large screen for a buck! All you need is a $1 magnifying glass, a shoebox, a paperclip, x-acto knife and a black duct tape. Trace and cut two holes on the box – one at the front and the other at the back. Then, fit the lens, get a stand, and flip your screen. Simple!

Mid-air nightstand

This is by far one of the simplest DIY projects that you can do at the dorm. All you will need is paint, chalkboard sticker paper, magazine file, and colored paper. Wrap the chalkboard sticker paper on the outside of the magazine and make a bright colored sticker paper lining on the inside. Use your imagination with the colors on the edges and use nails or removable wall hangers to fix the stand on the wall.

String décor

Here is another dorm décor dig under $50 that you can definitely try. You will need three rolls of cork, embroidery floss of different colors, velcro hanging strips, a hot glue gun, and a white duct tape. Once you have gathered all the material, get a print of your favorite word in a font of your choice. Then, follow these simple steps and you are set to create some magic.

Customized doormat

A personalized doormat is a cool way to add character to your dorm even before people get inside it. The items you need for this craft include a new doormat, acrylic paint, paint brush, and stencils. Tape the stencils on the mat, use paint to color the inside of it, let the paint dry and remove the stencils. That’s about it – you have a personalized doormat ready to roll!

Geometric patterns on doors

Dorm doors are often old and neglected pieces of furniture. But they’re also easily manageable if you know the right use of your washi tape. If you are using any of the above dorm décor DIY projects, you can keep the color theme consistent for the dorm door as well.

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