Ten In-Campus Favors That You Always Wanted to Ask and Now You Can

Ten In-Campus Favors That You Always Wanted to Ask and Now You Can

22shares22000College! Just the mention of the word fills all kinds of people with all kinds of emotions. Those


Just the mention of the word fills all kinds of people with all kinds of emotions. Those of us who have been there often find it difficult to put these emotions into words. And those of us who are still in there are – well, pretty much in the thick of the action!

And if college hasn’t happened to you yet, just wait your turn. It’ll all ripen up in good time!

Now while a vast majority of humanity (rightly) associates college with the fondest of life memories, there’s no running away from the exhaustive challenges of a campus lifestyle. These could sit anywhere between towering education costs and freshman homesickness. Plus, striking a balance between personal challenges and a 16+-credit semester can turn out to be depressingly difficult.   

But what’s really sad is that in our increasingly “services” economy, there isn’t a singular service-system that provides (or even throws a genuine attempt at) solutions to some “proprietary” campus problems. The idea of such a system is not unimaginable by any stretch.

What we truly need is an ecosystem that connects service seekers to on-campus resources that double up as service providers in a mutually beneficial exchange. That’s just what we have done at Onata!

Onata Campus Services helps you find the best solutions to common campus challenges. In fact, we help you find the help that you had always wanted to ask your campus peers, but have never found the right channel to communicate.

How about you provide some services

  1.  Tutoring
  2.  Babysitting
  3.  Carpooling

….and seek some others

  1. Photography
  2. Moving help
  3. Interior cleaning
  4. Live performance artists

ONATA is releasing Campus Services so that you can find part-time jobs, internships, volunteers, and live performing gigs quickly. If you are seeking services inside the campus, here is an illustration on Onata helps you:

Onata Campus Services Loop 

Excited already? Here are 10 in-campus favors you always wanted to ask – and now you will!

1. Tutoring Help


So you have arrived at a profound “block” even after burning the midnight oil for weeks? Do not worry. Someone within the perimeter of your campus already has the answer! All you need to do is find them on Onata.

Finding tutoring help through Onata is easy. Here are three ways you do it:

  • Order on demand: Find a tutor on the map and seek help right away!
  • Schedule a session: Need academic help over the weekend? Schedule an appointment and relax.
  • Quick Bid: Shoestring budget? We understand. Set your max budget and let tutors bid for you.

2. Room Share


Need a new room or have an extra room? Either way, you will have to connect with interested people. The odds are Options 1 and 2 will not work out the way you want. With Onata, we will find a roommate that matches your taste in academics, adventure, prom, and party!

If this sounds like a service you can make use of, download the Onata app and start your search.  

3. Cracked Screen Repair


A bad drop is all it takes. The glass on your phone’s display gives away. 

But don’t let a broken screen break your heart. Use Onata to seek out the nerdy campus guy/girl who has a thing for broken screen repairs. Save money, time, and heartbreak. 


4. Computer Repair


Some computer issues are a combination of small and pesky – too small to run to a computer repair shop and too pesky to ignore. Yes, all of us have been there and felt that at some point or the other.

At this point, you need someone that eats these gnawing computer berries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And they do not charge you an arm and a leg. Plus, you find them only on Onata (of course)

5. Internships


There is a difference between a regular internship and a w-internship. That difference is called Onata.  

With the Onata app, you can seek internships at the best places to work. All you need to do is select your discipline, maximum hours a day, and boom! There’s some handy money and monumental learning on the other end.

6. Rideshares


Homeward bound? Or do you just need a lift to the nearest cinema? Find some extra company and save money while initiating new talk! With Onata, you can ask your peers for a ride or offer one. With Onata ride shares, you can safely ditch expensive taxis, crowded buses, and Uber whims (yep, that’s a thing)!  

Trade company for some extra gas money!  

7. Weekend Getaways


How often does it happen? You need to strike off a location from the bucket list this weekend. But none of your friends or roomies are game for it. With Onata, your trip plans stay right on track. Whether it is fishing, hiking, camping, or simply a weekend adventure – find fellow adventure enthusiasts on Onata.

All you need to do is sign up, select dates (or date ranges) and find college kids who are ready to get away. What’s the best part of it? Splitting costs, savoring the trip, or meeting an awesome person/group – you decide!

8. Cleaning

8-Cleaning-HelpCollege can be cumbersomely busy. But cleaning the place around you is still very important. We know – cleaning isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind when you imagine a lazy weekend. But guess what, it does for some people. They can help you clean and sanitize your room, dorm, or villa. And where do you find them? Onata!  


9. Fitness Help


So you have been meaning to get back in shape for some time now. But there’s no real motivation around! Try some fitspiration by Onata. We help you find fitness helpers/trainers who are willing to share their time and skills in the gym, field, or dance floor! With fitness help on Onata, you are crazy close to the best version of you.

10. Photography / Videography


In 2018, it’s not what you sell. It is about how you sell it. The fate of most businesses is sealed in the way they tell their brand stories. Whether it is a new startup idea or a social campaign that you are planning, Onata helps you find the right photo/video story that takes your idea to the world. If you have built yourself decent skills in photo/video creation, go ahead and use Onata to find more work and make that extra buck!


Onata Campus Services is our unique offering that helps college students seek and provide services with ease. Say goodbye to bumpy costs and be of help to your college peers with Onata.

We have started rolling out Campus Services in different colleges around the states. Download the Onata app today to check if Onata Campus Services are already in your college!

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