The 2000s Are So Yesterday: How the times have changed, or. . . Have they?

3shares3000It’s 2019 but 2005 honestly feels like yesterday. The 2000s were over a decade ago, but for some

It’s 2019 but 2005 honestly feels like yesterday. The 2000s were over a decade ago, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel that far away.

Life was much simpler back in the day, we ate Dunkaroos, played with Tamagotchi’s, and watched Disney Channel and Nickelodeon on a very regular basis. Our main music source was Hit Clips, and social media was a faraway reality.

The simpler times are definitely missed, but the world will not stop changing. A decade from now, people will wonder how iPhones were the ‘hit’ technology. Has the idea of a pause button ever come to mind?

It’s absolutely crazy how short trends are actually trends for. So many of these earlier trends have just faded when really, they should still be around!

How unbelievable is it that people have come to cross the border into Canada for a simple cookie oriented snack?

Why do the greatest things just disappear?


Something we can all agree on is the clothing trends that are making a comeback. Velour sweat-suits, plaid patterns, and so much more. At least some trends have the ability to remain relevant.

Another comeback of the 2000s decade is, THE JONAS BROTHERS. Females of all ages feel like there was a rebirth in our society. The news took to social media, immediately, opening up a different world for the band as a whole.

While each Jonas brother has moved on with their lives, the band did not exist prior in a social media oriented generation. One iconic tweet in response to the reunion read, “YALL. I AM ABOUT TO BE 24 YEARS OLD. I HAVE MY MASTERS DEGREE, IVE MOVED ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO DO RESEARCH, LIKE IM AN ADULT, BUT I HAVE LITERALLY BEEN JUMPING UP AND DOWN SCREAMING AND HYPERVENTILATING THE PAST 5 MINUTES BECAUSE THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE COMING BACK. I CANT EVEN” (@Tinaaaa4102 via twitter).

With certain trends making a comeback, it seems hopeful that more will come back, but only the rapid speed of time will tell.

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