What is Neighborhood Services and How Does it Work_

What is Neighborhood Services and How Does it Work?

24shares17070 Have you ever had a horrible morning where nothing went right? You woke up late, you forgot


Have you ever had a horrible morning where nothing went right? You woke up late, you forgot to buy shampoo the day before, you spilled the milk making breakfast for the kids, and there’s a morning meeting at work so you simply don’t have time to take the kids to school.

Or, have you ever bought a new stereo system, brought it home excited to listen to your favorite tunes or watch your favorite movie, only to realize that you have no idea how to set it up? There’s wires, accessories, and mini speakers that you don’t know what to do with, so, disappointed, you just watch a different movie on your old system.

OR, have you ever scheduled a getaway vacation with your family, only to realize that your brand new puppy would have to be boarded? Eight days of boarding a dog adds up quickly, but it’s the only option and canceling the trip is out of the question.

Well, we’ve been there too! Onata was established for scenarios just like this. We’ve been through it all – we’ve looked for an apartment, we got married, raised kids, threw parties, and even had mornings where we were rushing around frantically trying to get everything ready for the day. Throughout the years, there were things that we needed, but simply couldn’t find a good resource in one, simple place.

And so Onata was born. We created our services app and neighborhood service to solve these every common situations. So how does the neighborhood service work? Let’s dive in.

When you don’t have time to take the kids to school, need help setting up a stereo system, or need a pet sitter, there’s a good chance that there is someone in your New Jersey community who can help. Someone who has the expertise or experience to provide some insight into your problem. If you knew of someone in your neighborhood who could bring your kids to school for you, or could set up the stereo, wouldn’t you want to get to know them?

Onata can make the introduction

With our neighborhood services, we connect you to people within your community who can help you out when you need it most. Just like in the old days, when you went to a neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar, we want to reestablish that connection in today’s modern, fast-paced world with our services app.

How does it all work?

When you download the Onata app, you are instantly connected with people in your New Jersey area who want to offer their help. You could hire a professional installation team or a professional pet sitter, but this can cost a fortune. If you could get the job done, spend less money doing it, and meet a neighbor in the process, wouldn’t you want to do that instead?

Simply open up the app, provide some information about what you need done or what you need help with, and someone in your area will connect with you to provide their help. It’s as easy as that! No need to worry about how to install your stereo system or stress about missing your meeting at work.

Do you want to offer your help or skill?

The other side of our neighborhood services is that you can list your own skills. So when someone else needs to jump start their car, needs help with their plumbing, or needs help installing their stereo system, you can be there to provide assistance. And the bonus of this is that you can earn some extra money helping people in your neighborhood! What’s better than that?

There’s a whole world of people out there who have skills and experiences who can help others in need. Onata simply wants to make it easier for you to meet these people!

So the next time you have a rough morning, or whatever the situation may be, use the Onata neighborhood services app to set things right.



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