Who Would Have Thought!? Six Lazy Backyard Things You Can Lend For Money

26shares19070By definition, an ugly backyard has lots of things and less of green. It’s a shame that some

By definition, an ugly backyard has lots of things and less of green. It’s a shame that some homeowners do not respect their backyard and litter it with infrequently used tools and equipment. And it’s especially hurtful to see a roughly done backyard if you are head-over-heels passionate about maintaining your own backyard.

So how do you know if your backyard is messed up? One cool trick is to track kids on their trip back from the backyard. If they are dirty, so is your backyard. You can try this with pets too if you do not have kids around.


Now revamping your backyard starts with emptying it off all the unwanted stuff that’s there just because you do not have any other place to store it.

Now, what if we told you that most of that ignored stuff in your backyard can make you money?

Yes, this just got real with Onata’s Lend & Borrow service. It’s a unique service that allows you to offer household items on loan to the people in your community. We’ll talk more about it as we tell you about the six backyard things you can now lend commercially.

6 Backyard Things You Can Lend for Money

Here goes.

1. Inflatable Toys

You bought those last summer and your kids aren’t exactly fond of it anymore. But the toys are still in great shape and there’s plenty of kids around in the neighborhood. For some time, you have been thinking about asking some of the parents, too. But you were always hesitant then. And now you aren’t.

You can now lend inflatable toys to the people in your community. It doesn’t always have to be a giant bouncy castle though. It can range from a small toy to a rainbow-colored unicorn. All you need to do is upload pictures of toys and offer it for neighborhood lending through Onata.

2. Ladders


Ladders are essential life tools whose application goes way beyond simple gigs. You would need a ladder for almost any gig from painting exterior walls to installing temporary event decoration. But it happens very often that many of us do not find ladders when we need it. And more often than not, such instances squarely coincide with the peak of our hesitance.

If you have a spare ladder in the backyard, you can shake the dust off it and offer it for lending through Onata Lend & Borrow.

3. Outdoor Furniture


So you just realized that the set of chairs you bought for your backyard has not been used for the last 43 days. You may as well loan it for a week to the neighbor that has incoming guests through the next seven days.

And yes, you can charge money for it, too. But before any of that, you will need to let them know that you are offering outdoor furniture on loan. Do that in a minute with the Onata Provider app and find people looking to borrow outdoor furniture from you.

4. Camping Equipment


At Onata, we firmly believe that camping gives you a peek into that realm of life and nature that is still unadulterated. And yet so many of our neighbors do not go out camping often. If you have some stray camping equipment lazing around the backyard, let people know they can use them.

We encourage you to conduct your own quality checks before you loan camping equipment to your neighbors. It is also important that you trust the community members to whom the camping equipment is given out on loan.

5. Bicycles


You can’t unlearn riding a bicycle. So if there’s a bicycle in your backyard, you rather hit the road with it. But if you are going out for a vacay or can’t make the time for cycling, you can always lend it to the neighborhood cycling enthusiast.

There are two distinct advantages of lending your bicycle. One, you earn money for it. And two, you save on maintenance money because someone will be riding it. There’s a third thing too – you just might make friends with a neighbor.

6. Charcoal Grills


Thanksgiving. Christmas. Easter.

If that is the frequency of use of the charcoal grill in your backyard, you could use it to earn some money. Because some people around your neighborhood are throwing are throwing parties every weekend. There’s every chance they need an extra charcoal grill this weekend.

By allowing people around you to borrow your charcoal grill, you do not just solve a problem. You contribute to the deliciousness that’s cooked in one of those parties.

Download the Onata app and start lending your backyard stuff for money today. After all, charity begins a few blocks from your home.