Write Your Own Success Story: Become an Onata Provider Today

4shares4000Hear it from the pros! Here’s what Onata Providers think about being a part of the Onata family.

Hear it from the pros! Here’s what Onata Providers think about being a part of the Onata family.

Ahmad and Susan are all excited leveraging the Onata platform and making money on campus. You can, too. If you are a Rutgers student and have one or more of the following interests:


Do you excel at a subject? Great. Others could make use of your expertise. And you could definitely make use of some money.


Freeze moments of happiness, happenstance and accomplishments for others and make money on campus.

Graphic Designing

Lots of people around campus are looking for graphic designing help. If you have experience and expertise with graphic designing software, Onata helps you find money-making opportunities on campus.

Note Taking

Helping a student by taking notes is both a help and a gig. Never mind the money involved, just do it for the love of it.

Ride Sharing

Got some extra room on your vehicle? Tag someone along and save on gas money. With Onata, you can cash out every time you share rides with peers on campus.


Enjoy speaking to people about new products and brands? You could use that enthusiasm at tabling events of various brands, including Onata.


Quality videography skills are quite rare on campus. If you have it in you, Onata will help you find takers on demand!


Finding more people to live with you in your room or apartment? Make use of the Onata app and sublet your existing accommodation to others.

Hair Cutting

Share your passion and knowledge of styling and cutting hair with those who can need haircuts on campus. Register for the hair cutting gig on the Onata app.


Love cleaning around like it’s no one’s business? Add a fixed or hourly rate to your skill and watch that phone buzz with booking requests all through the week.

Music Lessons

With Onata, you have the opportunity to share your music/instrument knowledge with friends on campus make it into a perfect line of income on the side.

Screen Repair

Got the hidden talent to make broken phone screens talk again? Sign up for the phone screen repair gig and fix screen here at Rutgers!

Move-in/Move-out Help

Have a thing (or two) for moving stuff around? Fire the Onata Providers app right now and register as a mover.

Download the Onata app, sign up for these gigs today and get featured on an upcoming success story!

If you are an Onata Provider and have a success story to share, write to us at success@onata.com.