Corporate Social Responsilbility

  • Onata Supports ASPCA in Their Mission Against Animal Cruelty

    Onata Supports ASPCA in Their Mission Against Animal Cruelty

    ASPCA maintains a strong local presence and with programs that extend the anti-cruelty mission across the country, with the recognition a national animal welfare organization. They are a privately funded not-for-profit corporation, and are proud to boast more than 2 million supporters across the country. They are the voice for those who cannot speak out their emotions . The number of animals being killed in America's shelters each day is now more accurately marked at slightly over 4,100 — down from the 5,500.

    Onata proudly helps  ASPCA as we strongly support the thought that helping vulnerable animals and keeping pets in safe and loving homes requires a commitment from all of us. We ardently believe that animals deserve kind and respectful treatment from humans. We believe donation from supporters to continue ASPCA’s vital animal welfare work empowers the NGO to deliver better care for animals. We hope the efforts of ASPCA will help the community recognize and respect the rights of animals.

  • Care
    Onata is a Proud Contributor to and Their Endeavor to Care for the Society

    Onata is a Proud Contributor to and Their Endeavor to Care for the Society

    Care is a global need without geographic or demographic boundaries. At some point, every person and every family will have care needs, be it for children, seniors, pets or even homes. Their mission is to improve the lives of families and caregivers by helping them connect in a reliable and easy way. Their solutions help families make informed decisions in one of the most important and highly considered aspects of their family life: finding and managing quality care for their loved ones. In providing families a comprehensive marketplace for care, they are also building the largest global destination for quality caregivers to find fulfilling employment and career opportunities.

    Onata is a proud contributor to Being a caregiver can feel a lot like being a lone ranger. It is important to increase awareness and provide support services for caregivers and their families by connecting them with Healthcare and community resources. We carefully examined the needs of the people at different stages of life, the needs of people who have dependents, including infants, toddlers, teenagers, parents, partners, and even pets. With that experience, we developed an ecosystem of services required by people at all stages of life. Onata has an app for you. Get in touch with people who can take care of your needs quickly and efficiently.