What is Onata?

Onata is an ecosystem of the Universe of Services. As a service seeker, you can seek services on demand, or you can schedule service for a later day, or you can request a quote for a service. You can get the service from a PRO or a Handyman, or an Apprentice, depending on the service needs. Onata is built to fetch you services at a reasonable rate.

Onata believes in building strong neighborhoods.  We are bringing back the charter of barter back by letting the neighbors cooperate with each other for trusted services as well as lending and borrowing DIY tools.



I am a service seeker. Why should I join Onata?
How is Onata different from other Service related apps?
How does Onata’s pricing work for Seekers?
I am a seeker, what are my savings options?
How does Onata validate Providers?



I am a service provider. Why should I join Onata?
How does Onata’s pricing work for providers?
I am a provider. How do I maximize my earnings?



Am I eligible?
Are Employees and investors are eligible for the Onata insider program?
Why do I need to provide my phone number and email?
How does Onata eliminate robots from the referral program?
Can I use the Onata app during the Onata Insider program?
Why am I not Eligible?
If more than one person gets the same referrals, what happens?
What are the perks for the insider?
What is the min no of registrations for the grand perks to be announced?
What if I refer a person and the same person is referred by another Onata Insider?
What tools are provided by Onata for me to enhance my referrals in the OIP?
Are there any minimum number of users you expect out of the QIP?
What are the Grand Perks?
Are there More FAQs?