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Neighborhood Services

Your neighborhood is your safe haven. It is where you claim your house, raise your kids, and foster your dreams. This may be the place you met your sweetheart, and together nurtured everything that is special to you. This is the place where you know everyone and where everyone knows you.

This is the safest place on earth because you know that when it comes down to it, these people, your neighbors, are there for you through thick and thin. Just like you are there for them. This concept is what we pride as fundamental and thus we intend to further solidify it.

Lend and Borrow

Our Lend & Borrow service is a natural extension of the Neighborhood Service. We want to connect people who have things to lend with those who are looking for things to borrow! You can borrow tools from your neighbor for a price and return it back to them to complete the process. Lenders are able to make money from items that are simply lying around the house.

Sharing and bartering have been the foundation of our civilization long before the start of technology. Unfortunately, technology seems to be causing people to drift away from each other and destroying the community aspect of closely-knit neighborhoods. The Lend and Borrow service aims to allow the return of such practices and to prevent further distancing from the opportunity to build community.


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