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Onata is the 
Amazon of Services 

An on-demand marketplace for services
simplified into one easy app.

With more service-seeking options
than any other app

and guaranteed money-making for providers.

 The Largest Piece

A Larger Pie

We built Onata to be an ecosystem in an app
that unlocks service skills inside community members and empowers them to generate revenue,
making the process truly on-demand
and affordable for service seekers.   

To wit, we just might have rewritten
the service-seeking flow
to tap into a larger market
that includes and surrounds the existing services market.

We have a network of 5,000 service seekers,
70 verified service providers
(rapidly adding more) and
## verified transactions on the app.
We have raised $2M from our seed investors, including Onata’s promoters.

Our website records an average of 100K monthly users.
The app is already live and loved at
Rutgers University, New Jersey.

Onata’s promoters have previously founded
IT Solutions firm, Futran Solutions
that recorded a yearly revenue of $##M in 2017. 


Onata is the first and only viable product in the market that merges home services with neighborhood appeal and campus services with guaranteed income.

Partner today to help us rebuild the service ecosystem.

For business opportunities, please contact:

Krishna Vemuri
CEO | Onata

+1 (732) 236-8877


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