Neighborhood services are special trusted services used by the people among   neighborhood. These are special services that you generally don’t want to take from the unknown people and want to take from the trusted people. The terms of use are as follow: 

  1. You offer neighborhood service by downloading the provider app and you agree to be discoverable by your neighbors. You can offer the service for price or pride 
  2. You select your neighborhood by drawing an area on the map. You can have 3 areas attached to a neighborhood. For example, you can have the 10 houses in your street, and 5 houses from the next street, 8 houses from the street 4 blocks away 
  3. If no neighbor in your neighborhood is  using the Onata, you can invite them sending by sending  message/e-mail thru our app. You can also import contacts from phone address book and invite from there. 
  4. The neighbors who use Onata and not offering are shown in red color place holders and neighbors who are using Onata and offering neighborhood services are colored as purple. You can send invite to the red ones to offer the NH services. 
  5. Trust the neighbors, who are already offering for the services, so that you seek their services 
  6. These services are personal and we strongly suggest that you should exercise utmost care in trusting the neighbor you trust. Trust is factor you should determine yourself, and Onata is not responsible in any way for any loss/damage caused to you by the neighbor you trusted.