The following are the additional terms and conditions for the Onata Insider Program (OIP)


Program Term: The program is open from Dec 20th to Feb 28th, 2018, and can be extended at our discretion.

REFERER: Any Onata user as defined in the terms of service, registering themselves as a user during the OIP term

REFERED: A user as defined in the terms of service, and uses a URC  of the referrer is also known as the referred.   

Onata Insiders: The Onata Users, Referrers, Refered who registered to the end of the OIP are called Onata Insiders. The Onata Insiders are not Onata employees and are treated as agents that compete for incentive

UNIQUE REFERRAL CODE(URC): Every user is allocated a Unique REFERRAL CODE (a Unique Weblink, Unique APP Store link, or a Code) to enable  people invited by the referrer to register with Onata

RANK: All REFERERS are ranked based on the number of people that have registered on the Onata mobile and web app using their URC.

Eligibility: This program is open to all the citizens of USA, the legal residents of the USA and Legal aliens of the USA who are of the age 18 and above. HOWEVER, a REFERER can refer Onata to people outside of the USA, and the REFERRED can register with ONATA. But this referral program considers the people who are Legal Residents/Resident aliens/Citizens of the USA for the ranking purpose, and who are residing in the USA. That means, REFEREDS  signing up for Onata and downloading the app outside the USA, will not be counted in the rankings of the REFERRER.
We use the Telephone No, and the IP address of the registrant to determine the GEO location of the user while registering.

INDEPENDENT: All the REFERRERS/ACTORS are independent individuals and not the employees of ONATA, and not deemed to be the employees of ONATA, as mentioned in the of the Terms of Service.

EMPLOYMENT: Onata Insiders may be offered employment after the OIP at the sole discretion of Onata

ONATA EMPLOYEES: Onata employees, investors, directors, and founders may participate in the contest, but they will be eliminated from the top two Perks, namely the stock options

PERKS: Contest participants who bring more referrals are awarded Perks as announced. The perks include either free subscription/free lead. Top 10 REFERRERS get Onata stock as awards as announced.



Event (Refer More Friends improve your rank)



Sign Up for Onata Insider

Get early access to Apps and Site and $5 credit to future services


Be in Top 100, 000

  • Free subscription/leads for 6 months


Be in Top 10, 000  

  • Free subscription/leads for one year


Be in  Top 1, 000  

  • Lifetime subscription/leads


Be in Top 5  

  • 10,001 shares of  Onata Stock (Grand Perk)


Be Top Referer  

  • 100,001 shares of Onata Stock options(Grand Perk)


Onata Insiders are granted the ISO options upon completion of the OIP, at an exercise price prevailing at the time of grant, and to be vested upon acquisition or IPO.

CONFLICT Resolutions: If more than one person shares the top rank, the perk is split among the people. If more than 5 people qualify for the 2nd position, the total perk is distributed among the winners of the end Grand perk.

Minimum Referrals needed: Onata needs to have 25,000 referrals to award the two Grand perks, and individuals need to have minimum 3000 referrals for the Grand perk, and 1500 referral for the 2nd Grand perk.