All the Providers of service are vetted in the following way. By registering with onata each provider is deemed to have agreed for the vetting policies. Onata uses third party API for user vetting, and uses FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) complying agencies, wherever required.  

Identity Verification:

A provider’s identity is verified, using his SSN and Driver license or other acceptable documents. If the identity is not established, we will list  him as provider 

Criminal Back Ground Check:

Providers back ground is checked for criminal records in the 50 states and other watch lists. If there any indication, the providers is  delisted 

Sexual Offender:

Person is searched against the sexual offenders list and if there is match, the provider is delisted. 


The provider is checked for the state licenses for the profession he is registering, wherever applicable. If the person doesn’t have license  he is listed as Handymen or Apprentice 


The provider willing to be listed as PRO, needs to have the insurance, we check for valid insurance and if the insurance is not there we will not list him as PRO. 

Constant Monitoring:

All the users are constantly monitored for their cancellations, Rejections of the service requests, reviews and ratings. The reviews and ratings play a role in listing order of the  providers when the user is seeking a  provider