Service Terms for Volunteering Services

Last Modified: 2/12/2018


These Service Terms for Volunteering Services (“Service Terms”) describe the volunteering Services offered by Onata through the Site to enable volunteering Seekers to connect with volunteering Providers. These Service Terms are incorporated by reference and governed by the Terms of Service services/ , which contains explanations of defined terms. If the Terms of Service are inconsistent with these Service Terms, these Service Terms will control.
If you are a volunteering Provider under the age of 18, you represent that a parent or legal guardian agrees to these Service Terms and the Terms of Service services/on your behalf.
1. Volunteering Services are free and volunteering Seekers and Providers pay no charge to each other.
2. Volunteering Seekers include individuals, not for profit organizations, for-profit organizations for social cause.
3. Volunteering Providers are individuals who are willing to provide volunteering Services to volunteering Seekers.
4. The volunteering Seekers and Providers are still subject to the same rules set forth in the Terms of Service services/
5. If you are a volunteering Seeker, you represent, warrant and covenant that you comply (and will continue to comply) with all Applicable Laws relating to volunteering and child labor.