Volunteering Services 


  1. ONATA provides Volunteering services, gigs so that the volunteering seekers can seek the Volunteering providers. 
  2. Volunteering seekers and providers pay no charge to each other and Onata collects no fees from seekers or providers of volunteering. 
  3. Volunteering opportunities offered  by individuals, not for profit organizations, for-profit organizations for social cause, which are termed as Volunteering seekers or simply seekers. 
  4.  Volunteers who provide services are called volunteering service providers or providers or volunteers 
  5. The seekers and providers follow same rules of general terms of service 
  6. Through a volunteering agreement concluded via the platform, a contractual relationship shall arise exclusively between the seeker and the provider. The seeker shall be responsible for the modalities of the volunteering agreement concluded with the Provider and for the performance of his/her contractual obligations. The platform operator merely provides its platform for the presentation and placement of volunteering assignments. 
  7. Volunteering Providers of under Age 18 shall not directly involved in the contractual obligation with the Seekers or providers, they shall have the approval of the parents 
  8. Volunteering seeker must comply with State and federal laws of volunteering, child labor in their respective states