Onata Referral Program

Refer Onata to neighbors and earn MONEY!



                    First: In the Onata Provider app, please set up the "Brand Ambassador" gig.


For every user that signs up using your referral code, you will earn $3. You will find your unique referral code in the "Refer a Friend" tab on the main menu (top left of the screen) on the Provider app. You will also see the referral code in the "Refer a Friend" section on the navigation panel on the Web Provider app. You will be paid out for these users through the Onata Provider app only after every 10 new signups. (i.e after 10 new signups, you earn $30) If you sign up 12 new users you still only get $30. **Remember you only get paid per 10 new signups (With no cap)**


It gets better: In addition to earning $3 per user, you have the ability to earn $1 for each gig that this person sets up during their sign up process. For example, if you refer someone and they sign up for 2 gigs (i.e babysitting, tutoring, dog walking, etc) you just now earned $5 for that same user. **Please note this also works on a per 10 user signup basis**


On the Day of our Grand App Launch at Rutgers, we will announce our top referrer who will receive $3000.

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