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Company overview

  • A team of people with backgrounds in IT, big data, finance, and sales pledge to make service-seeking a joy like never before


  • An app is born to become the Universe of Services™ – a composite ecosystem where anybody with any level of skill feels empowered to be serviceable to the society around them


  • An exclusive dimension in service seeking: sharing of services among campus peers and trusted neighbors who can help one another for price or pride

Interesting Facts

  • The Global on-demand domestic services market valuation by 2021 is $435B, with a CAGR of a whopping 49%


  • The largest chunk of on-demand services market, precisely 49%, comprises of service seekers aged between 18 and 34
Onata Company Overview



To build an ecosystem of services among service providers
and service seekers to facilitate market driven labor balance.

Left to Right: Jyoti Vazirani, Krishna Vemuri, Narayan Ravisetti

Onata’s founders are IT stalwarts who were annoyed by the “grey” in the services industry to a point that they decided to give the entire ecosystem a spin:

  • Krishna Vemuri, technology industry insider with 30+ years of industrious contributions to automation and IT

  • Jyoti Vazirani, serial entrepreneur with a set of solutioning options for grey areas in just about every industry

Krishna and Jyoti teamed up with Narayan Ravisetti, who has over 30 years of global experience in areas like system automation and business operations–to make the perfect team of individuals who have lived every stage of life and reached a point where they can reflect back at the services needed by people at different stages of their lives.


Everybody seeks services. But not everybody is happy about the method in which services are sought and provided.

More often than not, a handful of companies (and their apps) dictate the manner in which the services industry functions. That leaves people no option but to keep returning to these companies and apps, albeit with dissatisfaction.

Onata is built to disrupt the status quo in the services industry by offering people what they need in just the way they need it.

Toward that end, Onata has made liberal use of innovations like creating service communities of “trusted neighbors” and “campus providers” comprising of service seekers and providers within neighborhoods and ushering the era of technological bartering by facilitating digitally driven lending and borrowing of physical goods within the community.

Onata Background



Onata is literally the Universe of Services™ for service seekers. Onata’s service-seeking mechanism is defined by flexibility, affordability, and choice. Seekers can choose to order the smallest of gigs like “walk my pet”, “do my bed”, “tutor my child” or “move the bed” to substantially large services like “renovate my home” or “repair my basement.”

For all these small and large services, Onata offers a series of options to service seekers. Services can either be sought on demand or can be scheduled for a future date. Or seekers may simply request for quotes from service providers (applies to all large services and projects).

Not all services require “pro” skills. Sometimes, all people need is manual help or assistance that requires little to no technical skills. That is why Onata divides service providers into three categories – pro, handymen, and semi-skilled (in descending order of skill and rate). The best part is service seekers can also choose to seek services from their campus peers.     


For service providers, Onata is a lot more than just another platform for income. It is a complete calendar filling exercise through which they can plan, measure and regulate how much they earn in a month and on what days.

While most other on-demand service (ODS) platforms demand service providers to be on their toes 24/7, Onata offers thorough flexibility. Service providers can choose their preferred slots of service and even their “minimum booking hours” per service. Service providers earn when they want and where they want with Onata!

For campus service providers, Onata is a great way to trade skills with money while servicing peers in need. Onata plans on launching intermittent special income schemes for campus service providers. 




Businessman by day, dog-sitter and cook by evening, movie-buff by night, dreamer by midnight

Krishna Vemuri lived through most phases of LifeCycle of Life (LCL), being infant to adult, parent of two wonderful kids in the college, being a dog-parent, living in shared accommodations to owning a luxury home where he felt short of the services required at every stage.

Krishna has a Master’s Degree in Automation from IISc (the #1 ranked Graduate school), Bangalore, India. He has 30+ years of experience in technology and management. He has experience with IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, and has turned around a company from Ch-11 to profitability. 



Serial entrepreneur, mother of two, creative thinker, community dweller, eccentric traveler

Jyoti Vazirani has a Master’s Degree in Technology in Bio-Engineering from IIT, Mumbai. She is an entrepreneur and the CEO of the group of companies. She has built two companies from scratch. Jyoti is passionate about travelling around the world.

Jyoti loves to find new ways to accomplish her goals. She believes that the community has contributed to her success and knows that once a goal is set, anything is possible.


Milestone maverick, mountain lover, indigenous gardener, startup freak, full-time animal activist

Krishna and Jyoti teamed up with Narayan Ravisetti, who has over 30 years of global experience in areas like system automation and business operations–to make the perfect team of individuals who have lived every stage of life and reached a point where they can reflect back at the services needed by people in different stages of their lives.

Narayan has more than 20+ years of global experience in Information Technology in the areas of Systems Development and Business Operations. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from IIT Chennai. Narayan has two daughters, an attorney and College Senior.



Networking wiz, quirky dad, bird watcher, edible garment proponent

Priyadarshan has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Bridgeport. Darshan has 7+ years of experience in IT. He is the head of technology for all of the group’s companies. Priyadarshan has a passion to explore new technologies, likes watching sci-fi and adventure flicks and believes in chasing dreams. Priyadarshan and his wife, who is a college graduate, enjoy taking care of their child.


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Onata Logo – Orange

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