Onata® is an ecosystem for the campus services by the students and for the students. Onata® provides a host of services for the students, staff, and people around the campuses and much more.

Onata® provides opportunities for the students possessing various varying skill sets. If you want to monetize your skills, and make work fun and vice-versa, register with Onata® as a service provider. You can list your services to provide services on demand, on schedule, or to get leads. 

Sign up with us, if you are

  • A Pro: you can generate even more business with us
  • Mid-skilled (Seekers are always after you)
  • Amateur worker willing to assist the seeker in other ways
  • Someone who can provide support On Demand, On Schedule or Provide Quotes
  • Someone who wants to work on their own schedule
  • Someone who can provide at the seeker’s location, your location, a third-party location or virtually
  • An individual, team or a firm willing to provide services
  • Someone who can work indoors/outdoors, lift weights or not
  • Someone who can drive, walk, or bike to the location in need
  • Team or individual
  • Person who can lend or borrow items like textbooks, drafting machines, household items like vacuum cleaner, etc. for free or price