• A Pro: you can generate even more business with us
  • Mid-skilled(Handyman), Seekers are always after you
  • Unskilled worker and can assist the seeker in many ways
  • Person who can provide On Demand, On Schedule or Provide Quotes
  • An individual, team or a firm providing services
  • Person who can work indoors/outdoors, lift weights or no
  • Team or individual
  • Person wants to work at your will
  • Person who can drive, walk, or cycle to the place of work
  • Person who can lend or borrow tools
  • Person ready to deliver cooked food to seekers
  • Person hunting for volunteering or internship opportunities
  • Person selling add-on products during services
  • Person looking to offer neighborhood services for pride or price
  • Person can provide at seeker location, your location, third-party location or virtually
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