Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

Earn $3 for every signup. See terms below.

Let your friends make you money

With the Onata Provider app, you have the opportunity to make $3
for every person that you sign up!
Here’s how you do it:


Simple set up

Set up the "Brand Ambassador" gig on the Onata Provider App. Use your referral code to sign up users you are referring.


Easy money

For every person that signs up using your referral code, you earn $3. You will be paid out after every 10 new signups.


No limits

There is no cap on how many users you can recruit, but you will only be paid after 10 new signups occur.

We encourage all new users who have signed up to participate
as it is a way to not only begin making extra money
but to also better familiarize yourself with the app.

reach out

If you are interested in making money  by signing up friends on Onata, reach out to us at
We will set you up in under 10 minutes.

This is a limited-time opportunity to make money by referring your friends to the Onata app.

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