Whether you want help with note-taking, hairstyling, subletting, or dorm shifting , seeking a professional service on campus could be an insanely expensive and long exercise. Professional providers often give you a time range instead of an appointment. This means you could have to take time off of your routine work and wait for hours. And we have all been through the horror of appointments getting canceled at the last minute.    

Unless, you seek services from within your campus – from your campus peers.
Onata® Campus Services is an ecosystem for services by the students and for the students.

With Onata® Campus Services, you do not need to wait around for the service seeker to show up. Onata finds you service seekers from inside your campus on demand or on schedule. You can also use the Onata app to request time and cost estimates from service providers for a particular service.

You can either pay a fixed price for a service or choose hourly pricing. Request a quote from multiple providers to make sure you get the most competitive price.

Tap Campus Services on the Onata app to find which services are on offer. Download the Onata® app to book services on the go!

Help your campus peers to make money by seeking services from them!     

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