Child Care Services

Haven’t we all looked for better people to care for our children when we’re at work or need a babysitter for the weekend? If you are anything like us, you are always a little skeptical about leaving your child with unprofessional child care services. And that concern often goes beyond fancy agencies making floating promises. What we really want are child care services that are reliable and trustworthy. And we want an agency that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for an hour of service!   

The Trick is In Finding Child Care On Demand

We do not want to cast doubt on the integrity of other services. Our promise is that we will provide reliable service when you need it. Most of all, that means we go beyond the “ifs” and “buts” of finding child care and bring you the most reliable service providers in your area. Yes, the Onata app makes it easy to find service providers even with specific preferences.

Our Secret Sauce: A Steady Stream of Providers

The Onata app draws success from the multitude of people who have shown interest in becoming caregivers. That is especially relevant because our providers never run out of:

  • Young, dynamic, and caring peopleChild_care_sevices
  • Empathetic caregivers
  • Professional neighborhood child care

And the most noteworthy part is that these people could be your friends or acquaintances from your own neighborhood. You might already known them for the wonderful people that they are!

Simple, Secure, and Effective Platform

Another joy of using Onata is in the simplicity of its operation. Download the Onata app from the App Store or the Play Store and register yourself as a service seeker. Search for “childcare” on the side panel and fill out all your preferences (remember to be as specific as you need to be). Our system will publish a list of babysitters and child care services who mean business like you do.

Your Child Is Special

And he or she deserves nothing less than the most special care even when you aren’t around. While Onata runs a customary background and criminal check on all its child care providers, you reserve your right to request documents and identity cards from service providers as you deem necessary.

Onata ensures that your child remains safe wherever they are. You always have the option to choose from a list of service providers. You can even search within a geographical location for a service provider. The trust is generally higher when they are from your own neighborhood.