Delivery Services   

Have you ever wondered why there isn’t someone who professionally delivers cheesecake to your door? It might be silly, but it’s a need that most of us have faced. The problem is that no one ever realized that this is a problem in the first place. And now that we have, we can’t leave the problem unsolved. Our delivery services are up and ready to face all challenges.

Professional and Personal Delivery Services

You could need a professional delivery at your office. Or, you could also be looking for personal deliveries. While the former has a lot of attention (and even a huge market), personal deliveries seem rather untapped.

When you can find beauty services through an app, why not use the same app for having cosmetics delivered? This is what our Onata app is all about!

Have a New Restaurant? Let us Know!

If you’re thinking about starting a new restaurant, we can help deliver your food to hungry customers! If you already have one, welcome! Onata provides a variety of services to help businesses and individuals provide and receive better service. We can also help spread the word about your new restaurant throughout New Jersey. Hence, we solve both ends of the puzzle for you.

Get the Onata app and find professional delivery services at any rate that you need. We’ll do the matchmaking and you can finally get things delivered.          

Rate Delivery Services on the Go

With Onata, you have the option to:delivery services_2

  • Rate people based on the service provided
  • Refer people you like
  • Create a list of favorites
  • Make repeat hires and schedule calendar dates

This sums up everything that you have ever wanted in a delivery service. Furthermore, this is just the start. We plan on integrating deliveries into our neighborhood services very shortly. That will help us create the right breed of service professionals who you can work with right in your neighborhood.

The Onata app is almost set to be a service-finding revolution. Don’t take our word for it. Use the app to learn more.