Home Cleaning

Once in a while, we all want to go the extra mile cleaning our homes. And that is not limited to cleaning carpets and countertops only. Just about anything inside your home can be cleaned. At Onata, we work with home cleaning services in New Jersey who can clean just about anything and everything. Yes, we mean it.

Is Your Cleaning Gig Small or Large?

What if we told you it doesn’t matter? Onata gives you access to professional home cleaning services and handymen in New Jersey. Whether it is an hours job or three weeks of toil, we find the right people for you. From rug and floor cleaning to massive window cleaning jobs, expect to find the best home cleaning services through the Onata app.

You may also register on the Onata website for a variety of services.
Home Cleaning service

Affordable Home Cleaning Services: Pay Hourly or A Fixed Rate

Who likes to work with a service that doesn’t offer a couple of flexible payment options? Not us! And we are sure you are no different. The Onata app was founded to:

  • Find you every service there is
  • Make payment methods fast and easy
  • Keep your life hassle-free

Giving people the right to choose the mode of payment was a clear choice.

On-Demand Home Cleaning

The right time to order quality home cleaning services is now. We get the best cleaning experts to respond to your call quickly. All you need to do on your end is to fill out your preferences and we will find the right people for you.

Do you know someone who would like to register on the Onata app as a home cleaning professional or team? Tell them about signing up as a provider.