Beauty Services

A great woman once said everybody deserves to be at their beautiful best, even while sleeping. But sadly, the lady did not tell us how. She left that part to us. So we tried really hard and came up with a solution. And out came Onata – not your one-stop beauty destination. It is an app that makes your home into a convertible beauty salon.   

You Are Worth It. And More

At Onata, we believe in putting our best foot forward, all the time. That is why we bring to you the best of all services we offer – right from massage to beauty. And it does not stop at a relaxing facial alone. We do not from this end to that, making sure everything is covered.

Here is a short preview:beauty_service_2

  • Look up beauty services near you
  • Find professionals that match your preferences
  • Combine a string of (un)related services

New Jersey Beauty Services: Save Your Favorites 

Once you like a service provider that you chose through the Onata app or website, you can star-mark them. This will send them to your list of favorites. If you ever need an additional thing done, just surf through the waves you have created in the “favorites” tab.

But we always encourage service seekers to keep running fresh searches.

Tip: New carpentry contractors are registering on the app as service providers every day.      

Combo Massage and Spa Services

With Onata, you can combine just about anything you just liked with things you already love. Many of our registered beauty and spa service providers are rolling out new combo offering. Some promotional gigs are app-only offerings. So make sure to download the Onata app.

There are some cool rewards for patrons who refer our app to friends and family. Keep an eye on this space for the latest in snow, beauty and spa services New Jersey. We promise to keep bringing exciting stuff.